For My Readers and For My Children, Enough.


January 8, 2021

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Hi, sweet friends.

First, how are you? How are you feeling?

I am sad. Anxious. Scared. Mad. Hopeful.

I cannot take much more. I hadn’t planned on posting anything today. I just haven’t been in the right mind space for it since the attack on our Capitol on Wednesday. Sharing outfits or home decor seems hollow. Trivial. Maybe even wrong.

I realized though, that I want to make sure that my thoughts on the riots, led by the President of The United States, are represented here.

It’s important to me, now more than ever, to denounce the actions of President Trump, the rioters and anyone who has spread the blatant disinformation of a stolen election.

If not for you, my readers, then for my children. I’m not sure if this blog will exist in 10 years (will blogs even be a thing then?), but in case it does, I want my children to be able to read that their mama stood up against the dark forces in our country, with President Trump at the top of that list.

And before you comment that you “don’t come here for politics” and I should “stick to talking about clothes and home decor,” I need you to know something:

This is not about politics. It hasn’t been for a long time.

I understand if we disagree about political issues and I welcome constructive conversations about such topics.


It’s enough.

I’ve had enough.

He must go.

  1. Erin says:

    I agree and thank you for speaking up.

  2. Allison says:

    You are so my people! Thank you for being so real and speaking your truth.

  3. Jamie says:

    Thanks for letting people know where you stand. We all know what it means when people stay silent or post generic “there’s too much hate in the world” platitudes.

  4. Trischa Wass says:

    I completely agree!!! I have great respect for you not worrying about maybe stepping on some toes. Because WRONG is WRONG and we all should say ENOUGH! 🙂

  5. Laurie Smith says:

    Brave post, good for you. 1000% agree. ? January 20th can’t get here soon enough.

  6. arlene says:

    Yes, it’s long overdue!

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