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September 22, 2020

Hi, sweet friends.

Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Alright, so I try my hardest to keep my politics out of this space. I know that’s not why you come here and there are a million other places to devour politics.

I can’t lie. It’s getting harder and harder.

I’m not going to get into political debates (at least on here – ha), but for the next 42 days, I will work my ass off to encourage everyone who comes here and on my social channels to VOTE.

Now, more than ever, during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, we need to VOTE. If you sat out the last election because you didn’t like either candidate…you just can’t do that this time.

It’s too damn important.

You might be on board, but maybe there are people in your life who have never voted or don’t have plans to. I encourage you to talk about it. Ask them if they have a plan to vote. Send them this link.



This year, more people than ever will be voting by mail. Below are the deadlines to request your vote-by-mail ballot.

If you plan to vote by mail, REQUEST YOUR BALLOT ASAP. Don’t wait.

When your ballot arrives, read the directions carefully. Follow the instructions and mail it ASAP.

Happy National Voter Registration Day! Vote

This is our time to make our voices be heard. If you don’t vote, if you choose to sit this one out, you don’t have a voice. You take yourself out of the conversation.

We need your voice.



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Happy National Voter Registration Day! Vote
A close up of the mug. Because Fucking Vote.
Happy National Voter Registration Day! Vote
Happy National Voter Registration Day! Vote
Happy National Voter Registration Day! Vote
Happy National Voter Registration Day! Vote
  1. Deanne Williams says:

    Love this! What brand are your jeans? Love the mug too! Have a wonderful day!

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