Summer Style: Short Hair + Blue Jeans


June 13, 2016

Happy Monday! Can we talk short hair?? Did you notice? I chopped it. I get a summer cut almost every year. I’m always hesitant when I’m getting it cut, but I end up loving it. I feel so much lighter! I highly recommend it. Go for the short hair and you’ll be hooked.

Now to the clothes. There’s just something about black + camel that I love. It’s not matchy-matchy so it can be a bit unexpected, but also quite classic. And yes, you can still wear black in summer. I love a good floral print or coral top, but I also have a good amount of black in my closet for all seasons.

My black tank is from last year, but here is this year’s version. And it’s less than $35! SCORE. 

And you know I don’t put my jeans away for the summer. I like to keep the wash lighter in the warmer months, and then go dark again in the fall. These are sold out, but this pair is very similar and the same wash. 

Thank you for stopping by! Here’s to a wonderful week…


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Short hair, summer style: black tank, denim, Chloe cross body, sunglasses, and sandals
Short hair, summer style: black tank, denim, Chloe cross body, sunglasses, and sandals
Short hair, summer style: black tank, denim, Chloe cross body, sunglasses, and sandals
Short hair, summer style: black tank, denim, Chloe cross body, sunglasses, and sandals
Short hair, summer style: black tank, denim, Chloe cross body, sunglasses, and sandals

Checkout this post all about my hair cut and color!

  1. Rachel Moore says:

    Love your style!!! I’m so wimpy about hair cuts. I get a real cut every 7 years. No joke. And always have some regret. Yours looks amazing. I’m not good at styling.
    That bag??? ? Perfecttttt!!

  2. JeeYoung says:

    Your hair!!! So cute and fresh. You look great per usual!

  3. Loving the hair! So fresh and summer ready!

  4. It looks great on you babe!
    Lee Anne

  5. You are totally gorgeous! I’d never have the guts to go this short but I wish I did haha! You are rocking it. Love that bag too. You’ll have to do a tutorial on how you get those perfect loose curls.

  6. You’re totally rocking that cut! I’d never pull it off given the curls. Loved your outfit too! Black and jeans, my favourite! 🙂

  7. Love the cut…and your style! I cut mine off a couple months ago as well, and while I was so nervous to do it, I love the outcome! Short hair is perfect for summer.

  8. This outfit is perfect! I love black in the summertime. You’ll definitely find me in light, floral patterns, but black is so chic. I always have it around. I love your short hair, too. I’ve been contemplating cutting it, but I’m just so nervous I’ll hate it and want my long hair back. Your hair looks so good I just might do it!

  9. Shannon Holt says:

    LOOOOVE your hair! The cute, the color, the curls, everything is so perfect! Gorgeous. And I’m loving this perfect weekend look as well!

    Clothes & Quotes

  10. Lauren says:

    I wish I could see how I would look with this cut before I tried it, I am such a chicken! You are rocking it! I love it!

  11. Lauren says:

    First of all, your hair looks amazing! Love it and so jealous that I could never pull that style off. Secondly, I totally agree and love black with camel. It’s not the typical, boring black with black.


  12. Love the hair! I might just steal your photo to show to my stylist!

  13. Love the hair and outfit. I think I need a cut for the summer now. 🙂

  14. LOVE the hair and the color! So cute for summer =)

  15. Karin Rambo says:

    It’s super cute! I really love it! It’s kind of making me want to chop my hair off now too. 🙂

  16. KP says:

    It looks so good! My hair almost looks the same now, except it’s a bit longer and not as blonde. After seeing this I think I want my hair even shorter – it’s so nice with the hot summer days!

  17. Kristina Zick says:

    What a fun, summer-cut! Gorgeous as always!

  18. Chris Huston says:

    This is such a cute cut for summer! I love the idea of having a different look in the summer especially in the heat of Texas. It’s a great look on you!

  19. Love the simplistic style of this and your hair looks great!

  20. Dana Brown says:

    cute hair – perfect for summer. I’ve been going mine out for so long I want to keep being patient but its always hard when summer hits. And with it being hot its been a ponytail which just looks blah

  21. katie says:

    SUCH a cute look! I absolutely love that bar necklace :]

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

  22. Courtney says:

    the new hair looks incredible on you! So fresh and radiant!

    La Belle Sirene 

  23. I am in love with your hair! Your style lady is on point!

  24. April says:

    Please tell me where you got your shoes from? I absolutely love your style.

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