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April 8, 2019

Happy Monday, sweet friends! I’ve been meaning to share a post all about my hair cut and hair color, and I’m finally getting around to it. Over the years, I’ve had a whole lot of trial and error when it comes to my hair. These days, I know what works. 

Today I’m sharing the cut and color that I get pretty much every single time I go to the salon. 

If you have any questions I didn’t answer, let me know in the comments! 


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Hair cut and color

The only selfie I took after walking out of Salon Buzz.

Hair Type

I want to make sure to start here, because this is the most important thing when you’re look for hair inspiration photos to show at the salon. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. 

Hair Cut

Alright, this has been years of trial and error and I’ve finally found the cut that works best on my hair.

I need a BLUNT cut, with LONG layers. That’s the key. If there are too many layers, or the layers are too short, my hair just hangs and looks even thinner. I do have it cut a but shorter by my face, since that’s the part that gets fried first from styling, etc.

And I don’t ever want the razor thing. Don’t thin out my hair! I need it all.

The blunt cut also helps makes my hair look thicker.

Hair Color

This is where I’m pretty darn high maintenance. I always prioritize color. I feel like if I get a hair cut that I don’t totally love, as long as my color is good, all is well in the world.

I’ve seen Lyndsey at Salon Buzz in Chicago (on Superior) for 10 years because she nails my color every time. Now as a busy mom, it can be a pain to find the time to get to the city, but it’s damn worth it.

I always get partial highlights. I don’t have enough hair for a full head of highlights, and the times I’ve gotten them they make my hair look thinner. So, if you have fine hair, save your money and get a partial. The dimension will make your hair look thicker.

Roots. I need my color to be rooty. Because #momlife. Lyndsey knows I don’t want to look “stripey,” so we go with balayage with a few babylights (small highlights) around my face.

Tone. The first time I saw Lyndsey, I’m pretty sure I told her that I wanted to walk out of the salon with gray hair. It’s the only way I knew how to convey to her how ashy I needed my color to be. My hair tends to go warm quickly, so she knows that if I walk out of the salon a little on the cooler side, in a week it will be perfect. 

Q + A

I shared the experience with you guys on Instagram Stories and opened it up to a Q + A sesh. I got so many good questions! Here they are…

Did you do anything different this time around since you’re pregnant?

No. The products that Lyndsey uses are safe for pregnancy, and I’ve consistently gotten my hair colored throughout all 3 of my pregnancies. (Yes, even in the First Trimester.) Obvs, I’m not a Dr, so I would ask your OB if you’re concerned. 

How do you get those curls without it taking forever?

This is a question I’ve gotten SO much over the years! Did you see? I created a Beachy Waves For Fine Hair tutorial

How much do you spend on cut and color?

OK, this might be controversial. But, I have to say, #sorrynotsorry. (I’m not cool enough to pull that off.) On average, depending on the treatments I get (which, usually I get them all because my hair has been through a lot), I spend $300-$350 every few months on my cut and color. I truly believe in investing in my hair. I feel better when it looks good.

Favorite products to keep it from getting brassy?

There’s no way I will spend that much on getting my hair done, and then not make sure I do what I can at home to keep it looking good. So, I also invest in quality hair products.

If you have highlights, you need to be using a purple shampoo and conditioner. It’s a must. Over the years, I’ve learned that not all purple shampoos are created equal. 

I LOVE this Shu Uemura Cool Blonde Shade Reviving Hair Gloss. But, I feel like it should come with a disclaimer. (Maybe it does? #fineprint). It’s strong. Like, strong enough to change the color of the grout and tiles in our shower. Oops. So, now I only use it when we go on vacation. 🙂

I’ve been looking for a new purple shampoo + conditioner, and I picked these up when I was at Salon Buzz on Saturday. 

Do you have very much (any) gray hair?

This is funny, because the good thing about wanting very ashy highlights is that gray hairs don’t freak me out much. They blend in! That said, I have spotted a few, but I don’t have many. Yet. (Stay tuned after baby #3.)

How do you get volume in your hair?

Having fine hair, I’ve had to be careful with products. Too much of anything will weigh my hair down and cause the opposite effect of what I’m going for. This BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Thickening Spray is the one product I keep coming back to. I spray a few sprays on my roots before drying my hair, and it gives me just enough volume.

Also, I’ve just started using this Revlon One-Step Hair Volumizer Hair Dryer, and YOU GUYS. It’s like a little miracle worker. It dries my hair SO quickly and adds volume that lasts all day. Just look at those reviews!

Favorite Hair Products

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