2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Big Kids

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

November 7, 2023

The 2023 Holiday Gift Guide continues with the Gift Guide for Big Kids!

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1. PAINT THE PLANETS SOLAR SYSTEM MOBILE KIT | How cute is this? And it’s not a craft that I would be tempted to throw out as soon as the paint dries. #clutteristheworst

2. CREATE YOUR OWN VIDEO GAME | For the video game lover. I’m not there yet with my kids, but I’m sure it’s in my future.

3. INSPIRATIONAL WOMAN CRAFT KIT | I mean, if you have daughters, this is for you. AND if you have sons. This is for everyone.

4. FJALLRAVEN KANKEN SLING PACK | Cute and functional. Win win.

5. JUMBO SCAVENGER DICE | A fun game to play both indoors and outside.

6. WALKING DINO KIT | I’ve included this in every Big Kids’ Gift Guide for the last 3 years because it’s always a huge hit.

7. MINI MAGICAL CREATURES 3D SET | Same deal with these little guys!

8. BLUETOOTH BOOMBOX | This reminds me of a little boombox I used to have a kid, but mine wasn’t bedazzled and now I kind of want to get this for little me.

9. INLINE SKATES | These are on my 9 year old’s list!

10. SING ALONG KARAOKE MIC | Fun for the whole family.

11. PERSONALIZED OCEAN FRIENDS NIGHTLIGHT | You know I love a personalized gift, and this is no exception. Such a cool idea.

12. KIDS’ ROBOT | I guess if AI is going to take over the world, we might as well get on board. (I’m kidding. I think.)

13. KIDS’ FITBIT | For the ones who love data.

14. GIRLS’ COMBAT BOOTS | I mean, so chic.

15. CABOODLES COSMETICS CASE | The 90’s are calling and I’m answering.

16. DIY BRACELET KIT | My girls are really into making friendship and beaded bracelets right now. So cute.

17. VTECH CREATOR CAM | My girls both got this last year for Christmas and it was a hit. They make their “YouTube” videos (no, they don’t have a channel and never will), and it helps them lean into their creative side.

18. HOVER SOCCER BALL | Selfishly, I want to gift this to my boy because I want to play with it myself.

19. REBEL GIRLS DREAM BIG BOX SET | Rebel girls? Yes, please.

20. MICRO KICKBOARD SCOOTER | A favorite of all of my kids.

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