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January 24, 2022

Hi, sweet friends! I’ve gotten a few requests for a tattoo removal update, so here it is. I have been going to Removery. (This is NOT a sponsored post and I’m not affiliated with them.)

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo removed, I have to tell you some things. I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t warn you.

First, IT HURTS. Like, A LOT.

I should’ve known this the first time when the lady told me it would take 30 seconds and to let her know if I needed a break. Ummm, what? (Also, I almost do need a break. I swear to God if it lasted 31 seconds, I would need a break.)

The upside?

Each tattoo takes about 30 seconds. The sessions are really quick. Granted, all of my tattoos that I’m getting removed (a total of 3) are pretty small and about the same size.

I legit have to psych myself up when I walk in, thinking that it’s only a total of about 90 seconds that I’ll have to endure. I can do that.

BUT. It’s going to take A LOT of sessions until they’re completely removed.

They’ve told me I’ll need at least 12 sessions. I’ve already had 4 and don’t think I’m not counting down. And you need to wait 6 weeks in between each session. So, we’re looking at a commitment of almost 2 years.

All of my tattoos are black, which is the easiest color to remove. So, if your tattoos have color, they will probably take longer.

The moral of the story?

You need to be extra sure that you want to remove the tattoo. Don’t go into it lightly. It’s expensive (I paid about $2300 to get all 3 removed), it will take a long time and it hurts 10x more than the actual tattoo.

I have wanted all 3 of these tattoos removed since I got them. I was a naive 20-25 year old and didn’t think things through. (Duh.) So, I knew without a doubt this was something I wanted to go through with, no matter what.

I still have 2 tattoos that I’m keeping, and I’m sure I have a few more in my future. But, now I know to be DAMN sure that it’ll be something I want on my body forever…

This was after the first treatment in August. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m pretty sure I thought I would see some…change. Yeah, not much change other than some swelling and redness from the laser.

This was after the third treatment. (For some reason, I spaced taking photos after the second treatment.) It’s worth noting that most of the fading happens week after the treatment. Apparently, the laser just breaks up the ink, and then in the weeks following, the body absorbs the ink, which makes the tattoo fade.

Tattoo removal update: "grace" tattoo on Suzanne's wrist

This is just a few days after the 4th treatment. The tattoo is swollen, red and scabby for a few days following. I put hydrocortisone on it for 5 days and then after care ointment.

Tattoo removal update: "grace" tattoo on Suzanne's wrist

I snapped this pic this morning. You can see it has faded a little bit more, and it looks a little bit bruised. I’m pretty sure the bruising is from me itching it all the time. Once the scabbing is gone, it itches a lot. I have found that the aftercare ointment helps a lot with the itching.

Let me know if I missed anything or if you have any other questions! I’m happy to answer anything.

  1. Hannah Henry says:

    Thank you so much for replying to my comment! I really appreciate it and thank you for your information!

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