The Sunday Sweet Edit | No. 9

Sunday Sweet Edit

October 24, 2021

Happy Sunday Sweet Edit, sweet friends. Trying something new today and answering your questions in an “Ask Me Anything” segment! Feel free to drop any questions or link requests in the comments and I’ll answer them in next Sunday’s post…

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don’t miss…

I’ve been using these zit zapper patches anytime I get a blemish and I still wonder how I survived without them. I sleep with one on my zit as soon as I feel it pops up, and when I wake up it’s no longer a bump. Magic.

Madewell sale picks

Madewell looks so good for fall and winter! Definitely taking advantage of the Buy More, Save More sale!

Take 20% off $100+ or 30% off $200+.

Sunday Sweet Edit

ask me anything…

“I’m new to sobriety. Can I ask if your husband drinks?”

First of all, congrats! That’s exciting. My husband still drinks, although not very often. He likes to have a beer or two when he plays golf, but that’s it. He doesn’t drink at home, and if we go out to dinner, he loves an Arnold Palmer. 😉

This is the question I’m asked more than any other one about sobriety, and I totally get it. I think it’s easy to feel as if my journey in sobriety hinges upon my husband’s, but I’ve learned to completely separate the two.

Also, it’s been interesting because the more my husband sees how happy I am not drinking, the less he wants to drink. So, I do think my choosing not to drink has affected him and made him think about whether or not he wants to drink. Generally, his answer has been no.

“What are your favorite snacks?”

I love snacks! 😉 I love pretzels and string cheese, apple and peanut butter, almonds, Perfect Bar, BoomChickaPop kettle corn, hard boiled egg

“Where do you get your hair cut?”

I’ve been going to Salon Buzz on Superior in the city for 13 years! I see Lyndsey for my color and either Gabi or Sam for my cut.

“How old were you when you had your sweet kiddos?”

I was 34 when I had my first, 37 when I had my second and 39 when I had my third.

My husband I got married when I was 33 and we knew we wanted to have kids right away. I ended up having to have surgery to remove my fibroids before I ended up getting pregnant the next cycle post surgery.

“Can you put your new cut in a pony tail? Love the length!”

Thanks! I generally go for a big cut every year or so. I always freak out, but then I end up loving the look in photos. And it really does feel so freeing. I can’t put all of the hair in a pony tail, so I’ve ended up pulling half of it back instead.

“How did the Botox in your traps work out??”

(In case you missed it, I got Botox in my traps about a month ago because I was having shoulder pain and my traps take all of the weight when I workout.)

Pretty well! My traps are definitely less sore, especially at the end of the night. They used to ache so badly when I went to bed, but not any more.

last week’s most loved…

Sunday Sweet Edit, most loved

This recycled cashmere ruana is always on the list! It’s back this year in some different colors. It would make a great gift for a mom or Mother-In-Law.

My favorite jeans in all the land. They’re the perfect rise (not too high, not too low), have just the right amount of stretch and are just a bit cropped. They run true to size.

I have these Gucci loafers in 2 colors. They’re classic and you’ll have them for years. (They run small – I sized up one fill size.) A great holiday gift for yourself. 😉

The flowy maxi dress I wore in our family photos is in stock and on sale for less than $54! I’m wearing XS.


You need to feel the inside of these fleece joggers. So soft. I have them in small.

This plaid boyfriend blazer FTW.

This two piece lounge set has been a best seller since I first shared it in My September Amazon Haul.

The softest sweater I own is back in stock after selling out! I have it in beige in small.


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