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May 26, 2021

Hi, sweet friends! I’ve been working on our outdoor living spaces a lot lately, and they’re coming together. I’ll be sharing more, but for today here’s a peek at our balcony and balcony styling tips!


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Balcony styling tips, picnic table and rug

It all starts with the rug. It really anchors the space, while creating warmth and making it feel like home. This Jill Zarin rug is the perfect addition to our balcony. You know I’m a sucker for black and white. It’s currently 50% off, making it crazy inexpensive. I get asked often about how it does in the rain – it dries quickly! It held up so well after a full summer last year. Also, you can see it’s not laying flat because we roll it up for winter and just unrolled it yesterday. It’ll settle in a few days.

Balcony styling tips, picnic table and rug

I like to use varying planter heights in the corner to create interest and weight. This planter is from Target and is made from recycled rubber. The footed planter is from our local nursery, Chalet.

Balcony styling tips, flowers and outdoor rug

Geraniums and begonias are a few favorites. So hearty and beautiful.

Balcony styling tips, picnic table and rug

The dining table is the heart of our balcony. I love this one because it’s big enough for our family and then some. The light wood and white feels fresh and so summery. Also, I highly suggest benches over chairs. It makes it feel more causal, and it’s just easier.

Balcony styling tips, picnic table and rug

Balcony Styling Tips

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