Baby Gray | 8 Month Update


May 11, 2020

Hi, sweet friends. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I can’t believe baby Gray is 8 months old. He’s on the move and things have gotten even crazier around here. I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s such a happy baby and a joy for our whole family.


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I don’t know. Ha. I never know! #thirdkid At his 7 month appointment, he was 50% for height and 25% for weight. He’s a little peanut and he’s perfect. We don’t go to the Ped again until his 9 month appointment, so I’ll share an update then.


This boy sure does love to nurse. I was just saying the other day that I’m pretty sure I’m nursing him more often than I nursed both of my girls at this age.

Since his naps have been all over the place lately (working on it) and he’s been fighting them, I’ve been nursing him a lot.

I nurse him each time I *try to put him down for a nap, and then when he wakes up.

My goal is still to make it to a year. I’ve been in the “counting down” phase, but as predicted, that’s turning into the “make time slow down” phase.

Oh, Motherhood. You are so funny.


The strong appetite continues because he also LOVES to eat real food. Like, all the time and as much as possible. He’s always eyeing my meals and trying to grab food out of my hand.

We’ve moved onto pouches because #thirdkid.

We’ve also started finger foods. He’s loving little slices of toast with butter (I cut them skinny enough that he won’t choke, but also big enough that he can hold them – like the width of a pencil.) He’s also been having slices of avocados and banana, shredded cheese, and little dollops of peanut butter.


One of the good things about having to stay home all day everyday is being able to get him on a routine. Since he’s the third kid, I was prepared for him to have a looser schedule than my girls had.

But, now I’ve been able to focus on naps (when he’s not fighting them), which has been great.

That said, I still focus more on a rhythm than a routine.

Loosely, it goes like this (on a good day):


Eat breakfast (solids) + play

9 AM – NURSE + NAP (I still nurse him before a nap, but he goes into the crib awake)

*Naps are still inconsistent in length, ranging from 30 mins to 2 hours. Hoping they come together soon.

*I try not to let him stay awake for longer than 2.5 hours.

Eat lunch + play


*Depending on the length of naps, sometimes he has 2 naps and sometimes he’ll have 3 shorter ones.

Snack + playmaybe nurse if he’s fussy


6 PM – BOTTLE + BOOKS – I’m still giving him a bottle before bed. I started that when I was sleep training because I wanted to see how much he was getting and I found that he was less likely to fall asleep with a bottle, than if he’s nursing. I prepare a 4 oz bottle – sometimes he takes all 4 oz and sometimes he’ll take 1 oz.


I shared all about how I did sleep training and my tops tips in this post.

Overall, his sleep is pretty good. He’s still waking up to nurse once a night (lately more because he had a fever, which I think was from teething), and I’m totally good with that.


You guys. This little guy is ON THE MOVE and I can’t keep up.

He started crawling a few weeks ago and about 5 minutes later, he was pulling himself up to stand and trying to climb everything.

He’s talking and babbling, which is SO fun to hear. He’s all about the “Da da da” and “Dat dat” and yesterday even pulled out the “Ma ma” and even though I’m 100% sure he wasn’t calling me Mama, I’m choosing to believe he was and chose to say it on Mother’s Day. 🙂


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  1. Sarah Petruzzi Asselborn says:

    Hi. When you give Gray a bottle at night is it breast milk or formula?


    • suzanne says:

      Hi Sarah! I give him a bottle of formula. I started that because I wanted to see how much he was getting and make sure he was full. Hope that helps!

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