Recent Home Finds Under $50 + Two Home Sales I’m Shopping

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August 24, 2019

Happy Saturday, sweet friends!

I wanted to share this post with you yesterday, but – yep, you guessed it – pregnancy and #momlife got the best of me. It’s getting harder and harder to do pretty much anything. Walk, get dressed, breathe…to name a few. I’m really hoping this babe comes in the next couple of days. Stay tuned… 

We’re still settling into our new home, and I’ve still been nesting. While I totally believe in investing in big items like rugs and furniture, there’s nothing quite like finding a great deal on those extras that make a house a home. Today I’m sharing a few of my recent home finds under $50 and two home sales I’m shopping. 



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Recent Home Finds Under $50 + 2 Home Sales I'm Shopping

1. Faux cotton branches | 2. A Pinch Bistro Tile spice jar | 3. Nice Shoes doormat | 4. Oil +Vinegar set | 5. Matches Apothecary jar | 6. Black + white throw pillow | 7. Tufted black + white throw pillow | 8. Wood + resin coasters | 9. Velvet hangers | 10. Woven rugs (set of 2) | 11.Cotton bath rug | 12. The Loo bath mat

Two Home Sales I’m Shopping…


Today is the last day to shop their MAJOR sale! Save up to 70%. West Elm has quickly become one of my go-to’s for quality rugs and furniture without breaking the bank.

The Sweet Edit No. 67 + Moving Update

Mini Pebble Wool + Jute Rug

The rug in our kitchen breakfast area is included in the sale! It’s much higher quality than I’d expected, and it’s SOFT, which is rare for a jute rug. AND it doesn’t shed. I’m considering getting the runner for our entryway.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table + Bench

I ordered this table + bench for our breakfast area and I can’t WAIT until it arrives! I love that it’s rustic without looking like it should be in an actual barn. We paid full price – scoop it up on sale if you can!



Save 20% off home and 30% off fall favorites! (You will see the savings in your cart.)

I’ve found some of my favorite kitchen and bathroom finds at Anthropologie. Not to mention, my favorite candle of all time.

I scored this black and white blanket last year, and it’s been one of my favorites since. 


Find more home updates and recent home finds here!

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