May Amazon Fashion Haul (Both Non-Maternity + Maternity Finds)

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May 29, 2019

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends! Sharing May’s Amazon Fashion Haul today! I’ve found both non-maternity and maternity gems and staple pieces for the summer. And yes, of course, there were a few misses, too. 

I hope you enjoy! Time for all the coffee…

(Oh, and PS. Please excuse the state of my hair in these photos. I could make up some fancy excuse, but nope. I had just woken up for a nap and needed to snap these pics before I lost light. #preggoproblems)


 (Click here to see last month’s Amazon Fashion Haul!)

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May Amazon Fashion Haul, pajamas

I’m starting off with a BANG because I LOVE these pajamas. I’ve shared these before on social media because, well, I’m pretty much never not wearing them. I sized up to a large for the bump. The waistband is wide and perfect for pregnancy because it doesn’t dig in at all. It comes in a TON of colors and patterns and I’m off to order at least 2 more.

May Amazon favorites, black dress
Ahhh, I LOVE this $20 non-maternity v-neck tank dress. I’ve been wearing it for errands and just around the house, it’s SO comfortable. And it’s only $20. Crazy. It’s a jersey maternity, so it’s stretchy and flattering. I’m wearing medium. 
This straw Panama hat is only $15, which is a total steal. It’s a much less expensive version of my favorite straw hat and maybe even better, because you can roll it up easily to pack in your suitcase. 

File this lightweight terry cardigan under my most-worn piece from this month’s haul. I’ve thrown it over everything – this black dress, my workout #ootd on the way to Shred and my comfies at home. It’s $18 (really, HOW?) and comes in 4 colors. I’m ordering it in the pink, STAT. I’m wearing medium, and it’s a little big, so I could probably do a small. 

May Amazon Fashion Haul

Two maternity staples! This maternity tank (comes in a pack of two) was in my last month’s haul, but I’ve been wearing it NONSTOP. I love that it’s longer, so it can cover the booty if you want it too. I’m wearing medium.

This maternity midi pencil skirt is SO good, you guys. If you work out of the home, pair it with an easy cotton blazer and booties and you’re good to go. I’ve been wearing it a lot – to the park with my kiddos or to run errands. It’s a perfect leggings alternative.

May Amazon Fashion Haul, go to denim jacket

I couldn’t help but style it with my go-to denim jacket (not Amazon), that’s 20% off with code CHAMP. I’m wearing medium.

May Amazon Fashion Haul, black maxi skirt

See? I’m totally off of pants for the remainder of my pregnancy. This fold-over black maxi skirt is easy and you’ll be seeing it a lot on me this summer. You can fold it over and wear it under the bump (as I am above), or over the bump if you like a more held in feel (as I am below). It’s $16 (for real). I’m wearing medium. I also love that I’ll be able to wear it after the babe.

May Amazon Fashion Haul, maternity tee

This maternity tee (not Amazon) is $13 and currently buy 2 for $22. I’m wearing medium.

May Amazon Fashion Haul, earrings

Loving all of these earrings! They’re all lightweight, which my ears appreciate. Ha. They’re each less than $15, which is bananas.


May Amazon Fashion Haul--misses, maxi dress

OK. I’m giving up on maxi dresses that have pockets. At least during this pregnancy, while I’m “hippier” than normal. The pockets on this maxi dress add bulk around my hips that I just don’t need. And while I love tie-dye, this dress kinda looks like bacon. It’s going back. It comes in a lot of different colors, which I might like better. I do have a feeling I would like it if I wasn’t bumpin’.

May Amazon Fashion Haul--misses, striped maxi dress

Ugh. I really wanted to like this striped maxi dress. But, it just doesn’t cut it. It’s a thicker material and one length, so it kind of feels like a hospital gown. Back it goes.


May Amazon Fashion Haul
  1. Raina says:

    Love this list! Currently 31 weeks pregnant so it will come in handy!

  2. Joleen Pete says:

    Great haul.. I can see myself wearing some of these pieces even though I am not preggers at the moment. Love the terry cardigan and I even like the “bacon” dress. LOL

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