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November 15, 2018

Finally! Our playroom reveal is here.

You guys. I started working on this room in August. Like, when it was still summer and sunshiny outside. And now it’s November. Oops. Better late than never, right? 

Also, I was just thinking the other day that I should’ve taken a before photo.

Since I didn’t, I’ll give you an idea of what this room used to look like: You know that closet or room in your house in which you just dump everything that you don’t know where else to store? Yeah, that was this room. Inflatable beds? Check. Luggage? Check. Framed photos we know we’re never going to hang, but we can’t get rid of? Check. Random Christmas decorations that stayed up too late and didn’t make it into the containers with the rest of the Christmas decorations? Check. 

I had always planned for it to be a playroom, but it seemed like a daunting task. Until I realized something scarier than tackling the mess of the room: facing another winter without a playroom. 

So, off to Target I went. And then I did some shopping online. And then I went back to Target. 

Also, I knew I wanted to wallpaper the big curved wall. (And by “I wanted to wallpaper,” I mean I wanted to hire a nice wallpaper guy to do it.) I’ve been a fan of Milton & King for awhile. If you guys haven’t checked out their wallpaper selections yet, DO IT. They have the chicest selection of wallpaper and as soon as I saw this polka dot wallpaper, I knew it was perfect. Thank you to Milton & King for my favorite part of the room!

Thanks for stopping by, sweet friends.


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Playroom reveal
Playroom reveal
Playroom reveal, wall decor
Playroom reveal, maker space desk organization

My oldest LOVES arts and crafts and can sit and color forever. (So, for like 35 minutes, which is forever in kidland.) I wanted to make sure she has a place that is hers where she can create. Oh, and PS: It’s NEVER this clean.

Also, do you see the framed art above the desk? We had fun with finger painting and those are my girls handprints. Keeping them forever, obviously.

Playroom reveal
Playroom reveal, vibrant wall paper

These adorable initial pillows are on major sale.

Playroom reveal

I love this shelf where I can display the girls’ art. And it makes my heart happy when my girl lines up her stuffed animals and plays teacher at the dry erase board.



Playroom reveal

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