Mama Life: Baby Girl 3 Month Update


May 11, 2017

As I started writing this update, I realized it is just as much an update about motherhood and my journey through the 4th trimester as it is about my sweet baby girl. 

The past 3 months have flown by. How is it that we’re half way to six months? A quarter of our way through her first year? Done with the 4th trimester? 

These first months crawled by with Harper. I counted down to milestones and freedom, which made them move at a snail’s pace. I wanted my baby to grow and need me less. I felt suffocated by how much needing was going on. By how much my life had changed and how much I had lost. 

This time, it’s all different. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more relaxed the second time around, which allows me to enjoy this baby stage so much more, or maybe it’s the Zoloft (keepin’ it real), but I am enjoying her SO MUCH. 

She’s a tougher baby than Harper was. She requires almost constant motion and movement, always wanting to be held and rocked and bounced. Some days it’s hard. The dishes go undone, the clothes begged to be put away, the toddler’s toys create a minefield on the kitchen floor. Mama would love to be able to do a little yoga, catch up on some work or unwind. 

But still, I want time to slow down. I know what lies ahead of us. I know that all too soon my baby girl will be running away from mama bear hugs and onto exploring her world. 

Slow down, baby girl…

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Baby girl, 3 month update

Monthly Milestone Blanket | Everly’s outfit (on sale for $11!)

Baby girl, 3 month update

“Before I Formed You” Art | Crib | Crib Sheet (sold out, similar here) | Lamb Mobile (old, similar here) 


Overall, she’s been a good sleeper. (Although, babies don’t like bragging, so now tonight is going to be a shit show.) The past month or so has been pretty consistent. She would go down around 8pm (after a bath) and her first wake up was between 2-3 am. 

Then, she turned 3 months. That night was awful! She was up every hour and a half…ALL NIGHT LONG. I know that the 4 month sleep regression happens around now, so I knew I had to change something. 

I decided that I needed to move up her bedtime. So the past couple of nights, I’ve successfully gotten her down by 7 pm. I would like to move that up to 6/630 pm, so as soon as her first stretch goes longer, I will slowly move it up.  

We’re still loving the Miracle Swaddle and the DockATot. Remember I mentioned them both in my post about sleep tips? Well, the rave reviews continue. 


Once again, I love this so much more this time. I didn’t hate it with H, but I definitely had the countdown going in my head from the moment we started. Now, I’m relishing my sweet, private moments with Evy and dreading the day it ends. 

I used this pillow with Harp, and I’m loving it again. It’s hands down better than any other breastfeeding pillow. It’s super soft and is totally organic. 

I’ve started pumping and that’s going well, too. 


It seems we’re getting into our groove. Harper still has her moments of jealousy and not wanting to share the spotlight, but she’s getting used to the idea that this little baby isn’t going anywhere. She wants to hold her (for like 2 minutes, and then she’s over it) and tries to “help” soothe her when she cries. 

And you guys, I just bought them matching swimsuits yesterday. I mean, does it get any better??? (Nope.)


The smiles! Oh, those sweet smiles. She’s also started laughing recently and it’s just the cutest thing EVER.

I can tell she’s working on rolling over, and already wants to sit up and see everything around her. 


I’m working on a post for Mama of 2+ Must Haves, but wanted to share some of our favorite products from the last 3 months. 

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  1. I wish I could have rented a dock a tot. Phoenix had such a hard time settling down which obviously made sleeping challenging. I’m sure he would have loved it, but maybe for our next baby.

  2. Rebecca D says:

    How sweet is she! It is so crazy how fast they grow up! My little boy will be 4 months in a few short days!!

  3. Such a sweet update! My son is 13 weeks old (eeeeep!) and I recognise so many of those milestones. He just rolled over the other day and I swear my heart stopped. I just want to freeze time! Have you tried the Love to Dream swaddle? I SWEAR by it. I love it so much. Sometimes it is the only thing that will help Caelen (and me) go to sleep.

  4. So freakin adorable!! the time really does fly by!! enjoy it even the sleepless nights they just go too quick.

  5. I loved reading this update post. Super cute little girl.

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