Tummy Tuck Update | 5 Months Post Op

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February 28, 2024

The long awaited Tummy Tuck update is here!

So many of you have been requesting this post, and I apologize for the long wait. I haven’t shared much about my tummy tuck since my post 2 weeks post procedure – you can read that here. I’m so happy with the results and have been loving being able to feel and activate my core again.

And in case you’re wondering why on earth I got a Tummy Tuck, I shared all about that in this post.

Enjoy the post and let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and this post isn’t medical advice. I make commission from the affiliated links included in this post.



OK, it’s actually pretty crazy seeing these photos side by side. Since it’s my body and I’m just living it in every day, I don’t really take the time to look to see and/or feel the difference. But whoa. I guess it really did make a huge difference!

A few notes about what I had done: I had muscle repair to fix my separated abdominals from carrying 3 babies, along with liposuction on the sides so my new waistline would proportionally fit with the rest of my body. I didn’t have anything done above the belly button and I was able to keep my existing belly button.

I haven’t shared an update because really once I hit that two week mark, things got SO much better. If you have the procedure scheduled, my biggest advice is to plan for the first two weeks to be a bit rough. But after that, other than wearing the compression garment for the next 4 weeks, it was pretty easy.

Snapped this photo yesterday morning after a Peloton run. And no, I don’t normally wear my bike shorts like this, Xtina style.

I started back into my regular workout routine after the 6 week mark. I started running slowly at first and then built up to my regular HIIT, endurance and hill runs. Yoga was the last activity I could do – I had to be very careful when I stretched my abs. Upward Dog still feels a bit tight – have to take it just a bit easier than I did pre-tummy tuck. Other than that, I really go about my every day activities forgetting that I had a tummy tuck.

The most unnatural pose I’ve ever shared on here. Lol. I wanted to show you how it is when I’m sitting.

Took her to the beach! I had to share this suit because it’s my all time favorite two piece suit and there are still some sizes left.


  1. Nicole says:

    Good for you! I’m definitely planning to get one myself. My two kids ruined me 🤣

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