Oh Crap! Sobriety with Jamie Glowacki


October 30, 2023

Parenting expert Jamie Glowacki is here to share about her alcohol free journey!

Jamie recently ditched alcohol for a second time in her life. She stopped drinking for years shortly after the birth of her son so that she could show up better as a new parent. As he got older, though, alcohol slowly crept back into her life. Now, she’s quit again, and with a new focus in mind: her own health and well being. 

Jamie tells us about her vivid drinking history (which includes time in the circus!), how her life and drinking originally changed with an unexpected pregnancy, and how her now teenage son’s behavior made her question her own alcohol choices. Plus, she sprinkles in some excellent parenting tips along the way! 

Remember, you don’t need alcohol, you need a breath. Stick it out in your alcohol free journey. It is worth it.

Jamie’s best selling book, ‘Oh Crap, Parenting’ is available here: https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Oh-Crap!-I-Have-a-Toddler/Jamie-Glowacki/Oh-Crap-Parenting/9781982109738

Visit www.jamieglowacki.com to find all the ways to connect with Jamie.

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