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April 16, 2023

Happy Sunday, sweet friends! Taking a break from The Sunday Sweet Edit this week to share What I Wore Last Week, a new series I’ll be sharing anytime I get dressed in actual adult people clothes for more than 2 days in a row….

Here’s to a wonderful week!

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Suzanne wearing a dress and star Pistola jacket

This is what I wore for Easter Sunday brunch! It was chilly in Wisconsin, so I threw my trusty army jacket over one of my favorite spring dresses. My dress is from a few years ago, but I’ve linked similar styles below.

Suzanne wearing a tank top and trousers

OK, I know. These pants are expensive (I’ve linked a less $$ version below), but I spotted a woman wearing them at the UPS store a few weeks ago and stopped her to ask her about them because I loved them immediately. I ordered them ASAP and have had to force myself not to wear them every single day since they arrived. Be sure to size down – they run very big. I’m wearing size 0.

Suzanne wearing a muscle tank and trousers

Who am I not wearing leggings or jeans two day in a row?? My Madewell sweater muscle tank is from last year, but I’ve linked this year’s version below. Also, I found a much less expensive version of my Prada sandals at Target the other day! Both pairs are linked below.

Suzanne wearing a color block pullover and denim shorts

My pullover is one of my favorite finds of this month! And it’s currently on sale for $63. I’m wearing small.

Suzanne wearing a blazer and denim shorts for date night

Date night with The Mister! I’ve had this blazer for awhile and hadn’t worn it yet. Well, BIG mistake. HUGE. It’s oversized in the perfect way. It’s currently 30% off – and is less than $53. Bananas. It’s so good. It comes in a bunch of colors. I’m wearing small in Ivory.

Do you like this series? Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to make this a more regular thing!

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