The Sunday Sweet Edit | No. 7

Sunday Sweet Edit

October 10, 2021

Happy Sunday Sweet Edit from the Northwoods!

We are on a little escape with family and it’s been so nice to disconnect from reality, even just for a few days…

(This Sunday Sweet Edit post contains affiliated links.)

I’ll be living in this plaid shacket all season long. While this exact one is sold out, I found this one that is SO similar and a fraction of the price!

Plaid shackets for days, at all price points…

don’t miss…

EVY no slip panties and bra

Have you heard of EBY yet?? I’m partnering with them over on Instagram and had to share here, too. I’ve been wearing their seamless undies and let me tell you – they’re SO GOOD.

They’re soft, stretchy and have a no-slip grip that makes them stay in place all day long. Oh, and no VPLs! They come in XS-4X and offer a 100% fit guarantee. 

EBY offers a subscription of 3 panties delivered every 3 months or 5 panties delivered every six months. New colors + prints on each box.

Use code SUZANNE20 to save 20% off your purchase or subscription!

They just launched their new Seamless Luxe collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

What makes me love this company even more? Their mission to help empower women.

EBY  donates 10% of net sales to Seven Bar Foundation to empower women out of poverty and into business through microfinance. It starts with a small loan, or a “first break,” which enables an underprivileged woman to start or grow her own business. In turn, she becomes self-sufficient and breaks the cycle of poverty for herself, her children and her community. 

She pays back the loan and that money is passed to another woman. The loop continues. EBY consistently fuels this loop, creating more first breaks and more independent women.

Pretty amazing, right?

This Levi’s sale is too good to miss. I have more denim jackets than I care to admit, but because they’re one of the most versatile items of clothing ever, it’s a #sorrynotsorry sitch.

Levi’s has been my go-to for years, and they’re currently having a huge sale.


Did you know?? I created a new Instagram page just for My Kind Of Sweet Home!

My Kind of Sweet Home Instagram

I absolutely love having a space solely dedicated to home decor. If you love neutral home decor with a lot of black and white and wood, you definitely have to go check it out! Everything is linked at the link in my bio, so if you see something you like, it’s all linked on my LTK page.

Click here to hollow @mykindofsweethome on Instagram

last week’s most loved…

I can always count on you guys to love Amazon fashion finds as much as I do! Last month’s haul was my favorite ever. It’s filled with pieces that you’ll have for years to come and will keep you warm and cozy all fall and winter long.

I had my second tattoo removal sesh last week – and OMG THE PAIN. I shared all about the process, why I’m getting 3 tattoos removed and more in this post.

The nightstands in our bedroom have been a best home seller since I shared how to style them in this post!

Most loved puff sleeve sweater

Don’t overlook Walmart’s Scoop line! This puff sleeve sweater is $32 and as soft as butter. And this color! Obsessed. I’m wearing small.

Target cardigan

This cardigan was a best seller of last week! I included it in my Recent Target Finds post here



one last thing…

Did you freak out when Instagram went down last week?

It’s times like last week when it’s totally weird that my job depends (in part) on social media.

Anytime Instagram goes down, I immediately find myself feeling relieved. Like: Yay! The pressure is off. I can’t post. No one can post. I’m not missing anything!

Then as the day wears on and it’s still down, I start feeling…OFF.

Last week, a part of me was glad that I was off the hook for a bit. But then I started feeling disconnected. I started missing those little connections that pepper in throughout my day, from the comfort of my own home.

Being a work from home mom is lonely.

My co-workers are…well, they’re super needy and they really just don’t care how I’m doing or if I’m struggling to come up with a creative concept for my latest campaign.

So, I turn to social media.

I started connecting with moms on social media when my first baby was just a few months old. It was a lifeline for me then, and it still is today.

Instagram gets a bad rap, and I understand why.

But…it can also provide something so special and important to mamas like me.

It can remind me that I’m not alone. That I’m not the only on who struggles to find a mom life and work life balance. I’m not the only mom who hides in the closet to get just 5 minutes of peace and quiet. I’m not the only mom whose children had cereal for dinner last night.

If you found yourself missing something when Instagram went down last week, it’s OK.

It doesn’t mean you’re addicted to your phone, or that your life’s priorities are all wrong.

It might just mean that you yearn for connection.

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  1. Breanna says:

    Thank you!! I am a mom of three now (nearly 7, 3.5, and 3 month old). I looked to your blog immensely when I was pregnant with our third. I have taken so much inspiration from you in every form. Thank you. I don’t use social media, just Feedly to read my blogs (now that Bloglovin seems to not work). :). You are one of five ladies who comes to my inbox everyday, and I save your emails until I can read them fully. Which as you know, is not incredibly easy with three kitties! Thank you for being you! I have begun to ramble and now the chicken nuggets are done. So I bid you adieu!

    Thank you!!

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