Baby Gray | 9 Month Update


June 9, 2020

Hi, sweet friends. Baby Gray is 9 months old and he’s just the sweetest, happiest boy.


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I always like seeing this pics, so I decided to put these snaps side by side.
9 months in vs. 9 months out with sweet Baby Gray


I really need to stop including this because I never know what his height and weight is. Ha. We do go back to the Ped again soon, though, so I will try to remember to update this. He’s heavier than a sack of potatoes, but not as heavy as his 3 year old sister. #itsmath


I think this baby nurses more than my other babies did and I’m not mad about it.

Now that we’re getting close to 12 months, I’m hanging onto these last few months. I nursed both of my girls until 13 months when they both weaned themselves, so in my mind he’s going to do similar. But, he’s definitely his own baby, so he could totally just keep on going. I’m not sure our plan, but he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Even though he’s eating a lot of solids, I still try to make sure he nurses first so he can fill up on breastmilk before food.


He’s also ALL about food. Like, all of it. In any form. I never did Baby Led Weaning with my girls. I was always too scared of choking and just wasn’t sure how to do it.

Well, now I get it. It really is “Baby Led,” because this boy has shown me what he wants to eat and that he can do it. He’s really eating pretty much anything, but here are some of his favorites:

Frozen mini pancakes (I give it to him right out of the freezer, and it’s quickly thaws out.)

Scrambled eggs

Bananas (I’ll cut them into strips so he can pick them up. I’ve given it to him whole before and he was fine, but it made me a little nervous.)

Avocado (cut into strips)

Cooked carrots

Shredded cheese

Toast with butter (I cut it into strips)

Bagel with melted cheese (I give it to him sliced in half and he goes to town.)

Angel hair pasta

Rotini (for these I will cut them up so he can just grab handfuls and try to get some into his mouth)


Brown rice

He also loves pouches and puffs and yogurt melts and all of the baby things that my girls loved, too.


The upside of being at home all day every day? We’ve got our routine down. Here’s what a typical day looks like:

6/630AM | Wake up

7AM – 9AM | Nurse, play + eat breakfast

9/930AM | Nap (length still depends – mostly an hour)

1030AM – 1230PM | Nurse, play + eat lunch

1/130PM | Nap (length depends)

2-4PM | Nurse, play + snack

4PM (Possible 3rd cat nap, but we’re trying to drop it. If the 2 naps are short, then I’ll put him down for a short 3rd nap.)

5-6PM | Dinner

630/7PM | Bath + Bedtime


I don’t want to jinx it because that’s how sleep works, but lately sleep has been pretty good.

He went through a rough patch last month (I think from teething?), but it seems like we’re back on track. If he doesn’t sleep through, he’ll have one wake up around 230am.

I actually like one night wake up. The house is quiet and it’s just my boy and me.

Two wake ups is unacceptable, though. Don’t get it twisted.

ICYMI, I shared a post on sleep training here.


He is ON THE MOVE and I can’t keep up.

He took a little time to crawl (I think around 7 months?), but since then, he’s been on the go. He’s pulling himself up on every thing and he’s starting to cruise. Yesterday he took some steps with this walker. It’s bananas. Both of my girls didn’t walk until around 14/15 months, so this is new to me. It has also meant a lot of bruises on his forehead because he’s an animal and knows no bounds.

He’s babbling a lot and his favorites are still “Dada” and “Mama.” (Yes, in that order. I don’t want to talk about it.)

He just started to clap when I say YAY and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Three of his top teeth just popped through last week and now he looks like a toddler.


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