Tips For Being At Home With Little Ones (From REAL Moms)


March 25, 2020

Hi, sweet friends.

Day 323689 of staying home with little ones and I’m regretting every single playdate we ever turned down.

I asked mamas on my Instagram Stories to share how they’re surviving these days at home with little ones. I received so many tips – many of them with the same theme: LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

Stay home, stay healthy and stay sane…


I'm sharing our "stay at home with little ones" routine of outdoor play, easy STEM projects, arts and crafts, and lowered expectations.


Outside time, at home workouts/yoga for me, audiobooks for the kids.

Trying to maintain a routine, but knowing that we need to go with flow.

A schedule. It’s super flexible, but it helps get through the day with littles.

Having zero plans and zero expectations. Lots of snacks, creativity of new activities.

Trying to get outside everyday!

We are outside as much as possible! It’ only 30 degrees here, if we can do it, you can, too!

Trying to eat healthy, get enough sleep and exercise. It helps…most of the time.

Stick to a schedule!


Having an exercise break/shower at 330pm instead of doing it during quiet time!

Blasting music – dance parties lighten the mood!

Little tikes bounce house.

Gather box of newish stuff/art supplies. Pull something new out of the box everyday.

Get outside daily no matter what! And regular meal/nap times.

A very simple schedule. Manages expectations and I can blame everything on it!

Following littlerwonderkin on IG – 10 STEAM projects for littles that are super easy.

Stomp rocket in the backyard.

Schedules! Even if I don’t follow it strictly, the structure makes me feel so much better!

FaceTiming family, letting them do a lot of free play together.

Stroller walks!

Lots of TV time and bringing out old toys and going outside.

Screen time.

Doing things we don’t normally do! Picnics in living room for lunch, dinner in playroom, etc.

Noise cancelling headphones.

By setting the lowest possible expectations.

Board games.

A loose schedule and 1 goal for myself each day (clean something, etc.) and workouts!


Google Duo to Group, FaceTime with friends, lots of walks, yard work, reading forts for the kids.

Coffee, outside and resting when the baby rests!

Staying in the mindset of “just survive.” Changes my approach to things!

Lots of cooking and baking, free play and iPads.

Lots of music in the background!

Making meals an activity – letting her help me make lunch/dinner.

Lots of backyard play. I don’t even care that it looks like a disaster. They stay so busy!

Sensory bins, lots of walks, switching different levels of the house, making food together and extra screen time because #notasuperhero.

Stopped cleaning the playroom.

One earbud in playing a murder podcast during the couple times a day my kids are the hardest.

Board games, new crafts, helping to clean out their closet, outdoor time.


My girls LOVE watching actors read books. I’ve been letting them do this while I cook dinner each night.

I ordered this bounce house for the girls and it might be the best parenting decision I’ve made. Ever in my whole life. (OK, maybe not, but still.)

CosmicKids Yoga FTW. My 5 year old enjoys doing her own “workout” while I workout.

I shared a round up of Amazon Finds To Keep Little Ones Engaged here

Oh, and also…let’s SCREW THE GUILT and let our littles ones have some screen time while we watch our favorite movies…

I'm sharing our "stay at home with little ones" routine of outdoor play, easy STEM projects, arts and crafts, and lowered expectations.
Name that movie!


I'm sharing our "stay at home with little ones" routine of outdoor play, easy STEM projects, arts and crafts, and lowered expectations.
  1. Russell says:

    Shout out to Ann for the bouncy house idea!! Best ever!

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