My Current Favorite True Crime Podcasts


April 16, 2024

This post is long overdue! Today I’m sharing my current favorite true crime podcasts. If you’re in early sobriety, you might be knee deep in sobriety podcasts. (To which of course, I have to thank you! Lol.) And you may be thinking that you’ll always be tethered to them, unable to reach beyond sobriety support and back into the things you loved listening to before. Let me assure you – you will once again love listening to true crime. And when you do, come back to this list. 😉

My favorite podcasts change often, but here are my current favorite true crime podcasts…


I asked you recently on my Instagram Stories for podcast requests, and SO many of you said Three and I couldn’t agree more! This is the story of 3 teenaged girlfriends and the murder of Skylar Neese in 2012. Skylar was the odd girl out in a group of three friends, which is probably something we’ve all felt at one point in our lives. However, this story takes a turn that is terrifying and heartbreaking.


This is a new one for me and I binged what’s out of the new season over the weekend. The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat and I can’t wait for the new episode.


Another newer find! Host Annie Elise is best known for her YouTube channel, 10 to Life. She brings her laid back approach to this podcast, and it really does feel like a friend is just talking about the latest in true crime. I like that a lot of the stories are current and not decades old.


Ugh, this one is hard to listen to, and I don’t know if I despise anymore more than I do Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt. I really didn’t follow this story as it was unfolding, so I dove headfirst into this deep dive. Now that more prison recordings and police recordings have been released, I highly recommend listening to it, even if you know the story. They both deserve to rot in prison.


I dip in and out of this one, but currently I’m in. Sometimes the stories are from the 1800’s or very early 1900’s and I’m not really into those. Right now I’m listening to their 3 part series on Ed Gein, which interests me because he lived in Wisconsin AND I just learned that my grandpa actually went to his farm to look at some car parts to buy. Umm, what?! Needless to say, he didn’t realize he was at the home of the man who would be known forever as one of the most gruesome and disturbed serial killers of all time. Yikes.


It’s a classic, and there’s a reason that Dateline is one of the original favorites for true crime fans. There’s just nothing like listening to Keith Morrison tell a harrowing story. Nothing can compare. Plus, there are more than 500 episodes, so it’s a great fall back when my I’m all caught up on my other current favorites.

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