The Friday Five | October Week Three

The Friday Five

October 18, 2019

Happy Friday, sweet friends! 

I conducted a very scientific poll on my Instagram Stories last week and asked if you guys would be interested in me sharing 5 random things I’m loving every Friday on the blog, and then showing them on my Stories. The answer was a resounding YES and since I aim to please, here we are!

Be sure to head to my Instagram Stories to see this week’s Friday Five in action…

Have a wonderful weekend!


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The Friday Five, SeaVees Huntington Middie Sneakers

SeaVees Huntington Middie Sneakers

These kicks were in this month’s Stitch Fix and I can’t wear them enough. (Also, a quick note – I had paused my Stitch Fix during pregnancy because UGH, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start it back up. Well, I did and I was SO impressed with it. And no, this isn’t #sponsored.) They are crazy comfy perfect for #momlife. Here’s how I wore them this week…

The Friday Five
The Friday Five, kids' dinner tray


If you have a picky eater who would rather skip dinner and go right for the treat (Wait, isn’t that ALL kids? And me?), I highly recommend this plate. My girl loves it and I’m always so surprised at how well she will eat and follow the “rule” by not sneaking a peek at the treat. And yes, this was our dinner last night – organic chicken strips, sweet potato puffs and avocado. And there’s a fun size York Peppermint Patty under that castle.

The Friday Five, faux cotton spray bench


I bought these faux cotton spray branches a few years ago, and I love them because they are SO versatile. I always move them around the house, and they never look bad – I recently switched out the greenery in our entryway and love how cozy they look. They’re currently on sale for less than $8 a stem. 

Friday Five, natural rubber pacifier

BIBS Natural Rubber Pacifier

I ordered these pacifiers before baby boy was born because they were cute. For real. Ha. Well, thankfully he loves them and now they’re the only ones that he will take consistently and that will stay in. (So you’d better believe I ordered like 10 more.)

The Friday Five, leather chairs

Lulu & Georgia Kenneth Leather Chairs

Ahhh. I LOVE our new chairs. I’ve been working with Havenly, an online interior design service, on our family room and will have a full reveal post coming when all of our pieces arrive (hopefully SOON!), but I couldn’t wait to share these chairs. I’d been looking for the perfect accent chairs for awhile. Our designer found these gems and they’re just right for our family room.

You can use my referral link, and get $50 off a Full design package or $20 off a Mini design package!

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  1. Jen says:

    I absolutely LOVE those chairs!

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