My First Trimester Recap + 12 Week Bump Update


February 27, 2019

Hi, sweet friends! 

Thank you so much for all of comments and messages of congratulations!

Social media and blogging can get a bad rap, but man, I will sing its praises, especially during times of trial or celebration. 

If you remember, in this post last year I shared our uncertainty about whether or not we wanted to have another baby. After sharing that post, I received so many messages saying, “Me, too!” which told me that the decision to have a 3rd baby isn’t an easy one. 

So, how did we get here? (Wait. I don’t mean how. I mean, we all know how.)

Here’s where the whole faith thing comes into it. We still hadn’t decided if we were ready for another baby. So, we left it up to God. Since it took me a year to get pregnant with each girl (and only got pregnant with my oldest until I had a myomectomy to remove fibroids), I was thinking it probably might not happen. I’m 38 years old, so hello, I’m no spring chicken. 40 was my cut off, which means I was giving us a year to try-but-not-try. 

Did I mention we weren’t going to start trying until January? 

Apparently God had other plans and although I was shocked and scared about the prospect of adding to our family (and at times, I still am), I feel blessed and grateful beyond words. 

Also, I feel it’s important to say: I know it can be hard to read other’s pregnancy stories if your journey to get pregnant can feel more like a battle. To those of you who are trying and trying to get pregnant and keep seeing a negative test, although I can’t fully understand, I do know how heartbreaking it can be to pray for that second line. My biggest advice to you is NOT to wait to get help. Don’t wait a year if you don’t want to. Go see an RE, not your OB-GYN. Be your biggest advocate. Do your research. And of course, send up all the prayers you can. Faith and science can, has and will create miracles. 

I’d love to hear from you – what would you like to see in upcoming posts? Are you pregnant? Trying? Not sure if you want another? In the tough postpartum period? Let me know! 

And be sure to sign up so you don’t miss a post! For all of my newsletter subscribers, don’t worry – I’ll be starting it up again soon! I’m hoping for next week. 

Thank you for stopping by! 


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Positive pregnancy test

I got the positive test the day after Christmas. I wasn’t feeling anything yet, but (TMI) I normally spot before my period (thanks, fibroids) and that wasn’t happening, so I had a feeling something was up. Also, my husband had been saying for a week that he thought I was pregnant, and I thought he was crazy.

First trimester #ootd, robe

I didn’t share my #ootd photos because I LIVED in this robe. Like, every single day. Also, why put on makeup when I feel like death? Also that greasy hair. Eeek. For the first 10 weeks, but hair was SO greasy every day. Not sure there’s enough dry shampoo in the world that could touch it.

Baby bump, 12 week update

It’s totally true what they say: the bump appears sooner than that second pink line has a chance to dry. It’s all because I’m bloated, but whoa.

Morning sickness, laying on the couch in my cozy robe

I was symptom free for about 5 days, and I thought this pregnancy was going to be different. Boy, was I wrong. The brutal all day nausea hit me at the beginning of January and has only recently started to let up a bit. (Although, I was down and out again yesterday, so…).

In my experience, the nausea has gotten worse with each pregnancy. With my first, I was nauseous, but didn’t throw up. And I could sleep all day, which HELLO lifesaver. With my second, I was sick all day and threw up a few times. This one? I’ve been throwing up every 3-4 days, and the nausea is unbearable at times. It feels like the flu and the nastiest hangover you’ve ever had. Fun.

Pregnancy cravings, toast

I’ve been eating carbs, carbs and carbs for the last 2 months. You know those people who lose weight in the first trimester? Yeah. That’s not me. I’ve already gained 10 POUNDS you guys. The same thing happened with my other pregnancies, so I’m trying not to freak out. 

(Oh, and can I say something about pregnancy weight gain? Thanks.) Can we stop shaming moms who are NOT elated to gain weight?? Yes, I want my baby to grow and be healthy. Yes, I want me to be healthy. NO, I don’t like seeing my body change into something else I’m not used to. As soon as I get pregnant, my ass competes with my bump. My hips get wider. My thighs save everything. Is it necessary? Yes. Is it easy? No.


First trimester, 12 week bump update


Sitting at 12 weeks, I hoped I’d be able to say that my nausea is gone, but, that’s not the case. Today’s a better day than yesterday (so far), so that’s good.

I’m still super tired (maybe that’s just life now) and don’t have much energy.

I feel weak easily – so I’ve been drinking orange juice in the morning, which strangely seems to help. I was anemic during my first pregnancy, and I’m wondering if that’s happening again.

I still have to pee ALL the time.

Sore breasts. SO sore.

Night sweats. So much so that I’ve had to go to the guest bed if I wake up in the night because my sheets are soaked.

My skin is breaking out a lot, which never happened with both girls.

Horrible headaches. I’ve recently started drinking my cup of coffee in the morning, which has helped.

Insomnia, which I’ve never had in my life. So weird to be exhausted and not able to sleep.

Restless legs at night. This has gotten better in the last week.


My #1 craving has been a veggie sub (easy on the cheese, no avocado) from Jimmy Johns. So strange. I ate one almost every day for the first 3 weeks. I’m able to eat healthier now, thank God. At the beach, I ate salad every day for dinner (if you’ve been around these parts, you know that I LOVE salads and eat them every day in real life) and could keep it down. 

I’ve been craving more salty than sweet. Jalapeno chips don’t stand a chance around me.


My aversions seem to change daily. In real life (meaning non-pregnant life), I don’t eat much meat, and that hasn’t changed. In the first trimester, I couldn’t stomach my salads, eggs or meat. 

I also haven’t been able enjoy my staples: La Croix, coffee and dark chocolate. WHO AM I.


10 pounds. I started at 122 and now I’m 132. I’m hoping that as I can eat healthier and get back to working out (which I miss dearly), it’ll all balance out. I gained 50 pounds my last pregnancy, which was a lot for me. Hoping to keep it closer to 30 pounds this time. We’ll see.


Alright, here’s the bananas part. I’m SO tired, like ALL the time. But at night I can’t sleep. It takes me 1-2 hours to fall asleep. And then if I wake up in the night, I can’t get back to sleep. One night, I headed to the guest room to watch The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills at 2am. It was actually nice. Ha.


My bank account has gotten a good rest for the past few months since nearly all of my shopping has been put on hold. But, I do have some fav products that have helped me feel a little bit better…

(I’ll be doing a round up and reviews of everything I tried to help with my morning sickness. And believe me, I tried EVERYTHING, including Diclegis, which I’ll include in my review. Stay tuned.)

These ginger candies helped my nausea ease up a bit. I’m not sure if it’s because they are SO strong that they make you forget about everything, but I’ll take it. I also like that they’re chewy rather than hard candies.

I popped these hard candies anytime I headed out the door and needed to make sure I could interact with humans without seeming like the walking dead. I like the slight ginger taste and that they’re not overly sweet.

I used this belly oil during my last pregnancies and haven’t gotten stretch marks yet, so I’m using it again. I know that’s mostly a genetic thing, but it gives me an excuse to spoil myself. It smells amazing and feels so lux when you put it on.

I’ve stayed far away from underwire bras because my breasts have been so sore. But, they’re also getting huge, so I need good support. I’ve worn and loved these Handful bras for years. They’re comfy, provide support and hold up well – even after washing and drying them. 


A true account of the first trimester
  1. Bethany Sedziol says:

    Congrats!! Hope that morning sickness goes away soon! We have been ttc for 2 1/2 years are currently trying IVF and are hopeful that it will work!

  2. Sheli says:

    I was sick all day, everyday with my daughter. I would cry thinking I was going to feel this bad the whole nine months. The first trimester I had to take off work because I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. My friend would come by 3 times a week to take me to my OB-GYN for anti nausea shots and IV fluids. It was HORRIBLE! A little into my second trimester, I felt a little relief from the all day sickness and it got better everyday. But I was still sick every morning up until I gave birth. I was relieved that it was only mornings now instead of all day. My OB-GYN told me to drink flat Coke. Something in the syrup calms the stomach. It worked! My diet consisted of flat Coke, saltine crackers, Newman’s Own Lemonade and ginger cookies. But, it was all well worth it. Congrats to you and your growing family!

  3. Amanda M says:

    So exciting! I love seeing other women pregnant and expanding their families. I would love to have another, but I am petrified! My daughter is 18 months. I had a bout of PPA the first time around and it hit me out of no where. I mean like I had no idea what it was and I thought I was crazy! I feel like I have just gotten the reins back on my life and I’m so afraid of the uncontrolled spiral hitting me again. Seeing stories like yours gives me hope. Hopefully I’ll be ready sooner rather than later! Wishing you all the best with your newest addition!!!

  4. Kerianne says:

    So happy for you, and love your beautiful blog! Hoping to be pregnant again myself (ttc our second for 14 months now), I can’t wait to see your maternity style tips. Looking forward to following your pregnancy, thanks for being willing to share!

  5. Jen says:

    Very happy for you guys! I would have sworn that I was only ever going to have two children … and I was content with my boy/girl I did have … until I got unexpectedly pregnant while trying not to … I was not overjoyed and when I ended up losing that one, it almost felt like a relief. However, after a few months … I found I really felt like our family was not complete. My husband and I decided to try for another one … got pregnant a year later and lost that one too… after that I was more certain than ever that I NEEDED a third child to complete my family. We tried again a few months after my D&C and a few months later, I was pregnant with Ella – at nearly 37 it was not an easy pregnancy and I was working 12-hour shifts as a med/surg RN … I had kidney stones and surgery at 35 weeks to remove them after living on painkillers for the 20 weeks prior … but she was born healthy and happy and she is the light of our lives! I never thought I’d have three children – especially given primary and secondary infertility and multiple losses, but I can say with certainty my family is complete and perfect the way it is! (And I got my tubes tied with my last c-section, so I’m sure we’re done!).

  6. Kristina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Everyone I talk to about night sweats seems to not have experienced it… I literally cannot sleep well at night bc I am waking up constantly drenched in sweat and have to sleep on a towel. This is my first pregnancy and really had no clue what to expect but I’m just wishing my all day sickness will be gone soon. ??

    Good luck on the rest of your journey!!

    • suzanne says:

      Hi, Kristina! Those nightsweats are SO annoying! I totally feel for you. Hang in there, it gets better. 🙂 xo

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