Baby Girl’s 11 Month Update


January 8, 2018

Happy new week, sweet friends! Really? How can it be that it’s already time for baby girl’s 11 month update? (Yes, I skipped her 10 month update last month. Maybe in the hopes that it would pause time, but apparently she didn’t get the memo because she just went right on growing. Little turkey.)

It’s getting tough to take these monthly photos. Baby girl is never not ready to explore everything around her and will try just about anything to keep up with her big sister. 

I’m trying my damnedest not to think that the next time I’ll be writing an update, it’ll be for her 1st birthday. Le sigh. Cue the tears. Pass the Kleenex. This mama isn’t ready. 

So for today, I’ll try to soak up all that’s left of her perfectly squishy baby-ness…


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Can’t believe it, but we’re still going. Although, I can tell that we are very close to winding down. I have very mixed feelings about stopping nursing my sweet girl. One part of me will be relieved. Relieved that I can throw away my nursing bras and not think about easy access anymore. Relieved that after almost 2 years, my body will be mine again. 

But the other, bigger, part of me is just SAD. Sad that this stage will be over and soon forgotten and replaced by the next and the next and the next. Sad that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. ….


My girl still LOVES to eat, I think because I started her on real foods pretty early on.  She’ll eat anything. Mushroom risotto, ravioli, crab cakes, garlic bread. olives, hummus. We try to have 3 meals a day, with snacks in there, too. She loves the pouches as much as Harper did. Aren’t those things amazing? No more pureeing food! (Like I ever did that, anyway…)


You guys! Baby girl slept through the night! ONCE. So, in case you’re keeping track (you’re not), she’s slept through the night twice in her life. I know. You want my sleep tips, right? (Crickets.) 

Sleep is still a puzzle that I can’t figure out. She’s not at all consistent and when I think it’s going to be a bad night, it turns out to be a good one. And vice versa. So, I’ve given up trying to figure it out. She’ll sleep when she’s a teenager, right?



She’s on a roll, cruising all over the place, trying to climb on everything and has even mastered climbing the stairs. She’s still not walking, but she will stand on her own for a few seconds until she realizes what’s going on and then plops her butt on the ground. She uses this handy little thing to help her walk around the kitchen, so I’m thinking she’ll be walking by her 1st birthday. 

She’s not talking much (maybe a “mama” here and a “dada” there), but from what I hear on the street (Google), that’s pretty common for second babies. Harper talked SO much by her 1st birthday and it’s hard not to compare. But, I know the day when she’s talking my ear off will be here before I know it, so for now I’m trying to appreciate the little babbles.


I now understand the hype behind these little moccs. I didn’t get them for Harper, but…why?? They’re so easy to put on and the STAY on. Oh, and they’re super duper cute. 


This bib is a lifesaver for our little foodie.

Mama + baby matching beanies. I can’t.

We’re almost out of the infant car seat. I’ve loved this one and don’t want to give it up quite yet.

She’s started playing with her big sister’s kitchen. (Ours is blue, but this one is on sale.)


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  1. She is precious … They do grow up fast. That’s whats everyone says! 🙂 … and love the blanket (sheet?) you have taken the pictures on where she is crawling.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  2. Jen says:

    She’s adorable! I loved those mocs when Ella was that age … all she wore until she was almost 2! I think we had about a dozen pairs!

  3. Ruth Ridley says:

    What a cutie pie!! Happy 11 months sweet heart!

  4. What a sweetheart! And congratulations on the entire night of sleep! That must have been one golden night. Here’s for 2 nights in a row next 😉

  5. Lauren says:

    What a sweet girl! Happy 11 months and I hope time slows down a little for you 🙂


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