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April 28, 2017

Phew. I did it. The April Postpartum Fitness Challenge is over! 

With the exception of 2 days, I worked out every single day of the month. (Yes, I know the month isn’t quite over, but this is the last post. I’ll finish the month strong!)

As a planner, the toughest thing was not being able to plan out and do exactly what I’d planned. I had to adjust my plan almost every day (mom life at its finest), but now I’m getting better at rolling with it. I’ve found that working out while someone else watches the girls is by far the easiest (DUH). I’m not good at trying to fit in a workout while they’re with me. I either end up playing with H or snuggling with the baby and taking in her sweet smiles. 

Devoted mama time is essential to making me feel like myself again, and keeping me sane while I stay at home with my girls. I need it! 

The biggest change I made this month was cutting way back on my sweets. I haven’t had chocolate in almost 3 weeks! That’s like a world record for me. I am craving sugar WAY less than I used to, which has been awesome. 

Thank you to all of you who joined me, cheered me on and sent me sweet messages of encouragement. You guys are the best ever, FOR REAL.  

(I’m linking my favorite workout clothes below. This brand is by far the best I’ve found for leggings and tanks. Not super expensive and the fit is perrrrfect. Also, this sports bra is THE best for nursing mamas. So supportive but doesn’t smash the girls.)

Moment of truth time…


Postpartum fitness, before


Postpartum fitness, after

I lost a total of 6 pounds.

I haven’t measured anything because TIME and BABIES, but I can 100% tell that all of my clothes fit much better. I’m even making a dent in my pre-baby jeans pile that has been collecting dust in my closet for the last 11 months. 

I still have a ways to go to get to my pre-baby weight, but I know it’ll come with some hard work. I’ve always had a very healthy and active lifestyle, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Even though my blog challenge is done, I’m going to keep this whole thing going. (With some dark chocolate in there from time to time…) 

THANK YOU for following along! Happy Friday, friends. 


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  1. Jilly says:

    You look incredible! So proud of you, mama!

  2. You look amazing!! So proud of you! My biggest difficulty is watching my eating and sweets too. Such an important post for new moms to read!

  3. Good for you, mama! You look amazing in both photos, and I especially admire your desire to be healthy. Congratulations on a successful month!

  4. Lauren says:

    You look great! I have a serious sweet tooth so I definitely understand the struggle 🙂

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