The Sunday Sweet Edit | No. 58

Sunday Sweet Edit

March 19, 2023

Happy Sunday Sweet Edit, sweet friends! My favorite day of the whole week. Was it that way when I was drinking? I can’t remember. I definitely wasn’t drinking every weekend when I stopped drinking. But, if I did drink, it would be Saturday night. Even just 2 glasses of wine and I would wake up sluggish and with a headache. Not. Worth. It.

Who knew that glorious Sunday mornings were awaiting me in sobriety?

Coffee cheers to a slow Sunday…

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on the podcasts…

Jay shares an update from the Twitter Files, and I finally try to break down Scandoval to him. He has…questions. Also, Alf (again), the Challenger explosion and how it affected Gen X, getting paid for housework, and a lot more…

The One With #KateGate Brand New Information

Where the Bleep is Kate Middleton? This burning question has brought Jay and Suzanne back to the mic for a special episode of Brand New Information! Suzanne catches Jay up to speed on the theories and developments surrounding the whereabouts of Kate Middleton, The Princess of Wales, while Jay shares his in depth knowledge of the royal family (exclusively gleaned from The Crown). If you want to dive deeper into #KateGate, Suzanne recommends listening to another sibling pop culture duo – Pop Apologists! Follow Jay on Instagram & Twitter, and Suzanne on Instagram! 
  1. The One With #KateGate
  2. The One Where We Lost a Friend
  3. The One With The Summer Hiatus
  4. The One With the Cable News Shakeup, Biden 2024, and Alec Baldwin’s Manslaughter Charges
  5. The One With The Discord Leaks and Taylor Swift’s Breakup

I chatted with Meg, who I have come to adore! She opens up about her history with disordered eating and how it connects to her disordered drinking. A must listen to anyone who has struggled with controlling their eating (and drinking).

Your Guide to a Sober Summer The Sober Mom Life

Summer has arrived! The days are long, the weather is gorgeous, and the pool party invites are starting to arrive. If the idea of not drinking this summer is causing you anxiety, this episode is for you.  Today we’re going to prepare you for your first sober summer, so you can experience the magic that can be found in these long, beautiful, alcohol-free days. We’ll talk about making the decision to stay sober, reconnecting with your younger self who loved summer before alcohol, and how to manage the social challenges that might arise in a sober summer.  If you’re looking for more resources for your sober summer, check out my latest blog post: How to Navigate Your First Sober Summer with Ease!  My mocktail recipe e-book, ‘No Ethanol Needed’ is here to help you through the summer! Grab your $7 copy here.   How to Socialize Sober  Join us in The Sober Mom Life Cafe! For just $25/month, you get access to 8 weekly peer support meetings, the exclusive Cafe social feed (like Facebook, but better!), our monthly book club, the monthly Q+A, the ability to join the retreat, and the chance to share your story on The Real Sober Moms, and merch discounts! Your First week is free!  We also have The Sober Mom Life Community for just $5.95/month – In the Community, you’ll receive access to the exclusive Community social feed (like Facebook, but better!), the exclusive community chat, our monthly book club, and one free weekly meeting.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
  1. Your Guide to a Sober Summer
  2. SobrieTEA: The Season Finale of Vanderpump Rules, Plus Brittany and Jax + Carl and Lindsay
  3. Escaping the Mind Game of Moderation with Kristen Beckett of @mocktailsandmarathons
  4. The Real Sober Moms with Kelsi
  5. Ask Me Anything with Suzanne and Audrey

don’t miss…

A collage of what Suzanne wore on beach vacation


I asked on Instagram if you wanted to see a round up of what I wore on our beach vacation, and it was a landslide! If you’re going somewhere warm soon, this post is for you.

most loved…



one more thing…

An inspirational quote

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