The Sober Mom Life Podcast Is Here!


June 27, 2022

Hi, sweet friends! Eeeeeeek. I couldn’t be more excited. My passion project, The Sober Mom Life podcast, is out into the world TODAY. (Feel my pulse.)

We launched with two episodes! In the first episode, I share more of my story – both drinking and sobriety. I open up about what led me to decide to stop drinking in January 2020, and then what happened after that.

In the second episode, I talk to my friend, Katy Rexing of Grace In The Crumbs and Katy Rexing Wellness. Katy has inspired so many women with her mindful living and we talk about how her sobriety has changed the course of her entire life. I loved our conversation so much and I think you will, too.

Each week, I will continue to talk with inspiring, strong, sober women, and I’ll have solo episodes, too. I’ll share deep dives on Mommy Wine Culture and on how alcohol affects our anxiety, and I’ll also share more about my personal drinking and sobriety stories.

I could go on and on…and on. But, for now, I’ll just say that I hope you find this podcast helpful. I hope it feels like you’re sitting down with a friend. I hope it meets you where you are and it’s just the thing you need.

As always – thank you, thank you.

The Beauty of Alcohol-Free Travel with my Mom! The Sober Mom Life

One of the biggest worries that often comes up in our groups is: How do I travel without drinking? Whether it be a trip to Europe or an all inclusive vacation, it can be hard to envision what travel can look like when you take the focus off of alcohol.  My mom, who’s almost 2 years sober, just got back from a trip to Paris! Today she’s here to share everything she experienced on her sober trip in hopes that you’ll feel inspired to experience a sober trip of your own.  She’ll share how her sobriety was treated by her travel companions, how she communicated her sobriety to others, the NA options that were available to her, and what it felt like to stick to her values and commitments as she traveled.  Join us in the The Sober Mom Life Cafe! For just $25/month, you get access to 8 weekly peer support meetings, the exclusive Cafe social feed (like Facebook, but better!), our monthly book club, the monthly Q+A, the ability to join the retreat, and the chance to share your story on The Real Sober Moms, and merch discounts! For a limited time, get one week free!  We also have The Sober Mom Life Community for just $5.95/month – In the Community, you’ll receive access to the exclusive Community social feed (like Facebook, but better!), the exclusive community chat, our monthly book club, and one free weekly meeting.  My mocktail recipe book, ‘No Ethanol Needed’ is finally here! Grab your copy here:  https://mykindofsweet.com/2024/01/the-no-ethanol-needed-mocktail-ebook-is-here/ Click here to follow The Sober Mom Life on Instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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  2. The Real Sober Moms with Elan
  3. Ask Me Anything with Suzanne and Audrey – Part 2
  4. SobrieTEA: The Vanderpump Rules Reunion & The End of Carl and Lindsay
  5. A Sobriety Update with Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes

  1. JoEll Null says:

    I am nearly 70 days into my sobriety journey. I recently found out I’m pregnant with our third child (unexpectedly). I’d love to be a guest on the podcast if you’d have someone on who’s fairly early on in their journey! Loving the podcast so far! Thanks!

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