My First Sober Girls’ Trip

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January 16, 2022

Hi, sweet friends! I’m coming to you from Cleveland, the party capital of the world. 😉 My girls and I hopped on a plane Friday to visit our friend who moved here last year and it’s my first sober girls’ trip.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tad bit nervous before coming on this trip. I don’t think the sobriety thing was the main reason, though. I haven’t been on a girls trip since my Bachelorette party in 2012. For the past 8 years, I’ve been a little busy making, having, nursing and taking care of babies. I’ve traveled a lot, but it’s either been with my husband or with my family.

Prior to getting married and starting a family, I was an avid traveler. I wouldn’t think twice about hopping on a plane for the weekend.

Now, though, I’m rusty.

But, it didn’t take long to get back into the groove…

Suzanne wearing a black puff sleeve sweater, skinny jeans, and combat boots

Here’s my travel day look. I wanted to be casual and comfy, obvs.

Z Supply puff sleeve sweatshirt (wearing small) | Madewell denim (this year’s version) | Chanel combat boots

So, almost 2 years (ON WEDNESDAY!) into my sobriety and I’m finally going on a (sober ) girls’ trip. I wasn’t necessarily worried that I would fall into old patterns and want to drink on this trip.

Before I left, my husband asked me if I had an alcohol-free drink that was going to be my go-to drink, so I wouldn’t be tempted. I didn’t. I’m not totally into mocktails – most of them tend to be too fruity and sweet.

I just didn’t think I would be tempted.

Was I being naive?

After all, my girls and I have definitely partied together, back in the days before husbands and actual responsibilities came along.

Would I be transported to a different time? A different me?

I’m the only one out of this group of friends who is sober. We’ve gone to dinner many times since my sobriety began, and I never felt pressured to drink. I was never tempted. Wouldn’t this be the same?

My first sober girls' trip. Suzanne and her friends taking a mirror selfie

Please excuse the harsh hotel lighting. Had to snap this on our way to dinner Friday night.

my teddy coat (wearing XS) | my sweater (wearing small) | Madewell denim (this year’s version) | Gucci fur mules | Chanel WOC

Dinner was so much fun, with lively conversation, a lot of laughs and an extra spicy virgin Mary and Pellegrino for me.

I’ve noticed that it’s just those initial moments that can sometimes be a little bit tricky. The sitting down and ordering. Once that moment passes, and it always does, it’s off to the races. I actually forget that I’m not drinking alcohol. It’s then that I see that I truly don’t need alcohol to have fun with my friends. It’s not required for belly laughs and good conversation.

We stopped at a dive bar after dinner before heading back to the hotel. Now, this is probably something I could do without, but my friends made sure I was OK with it. It didn’t make me feel like I wanted a drink, it just made me feel like I wanted my bed.

Non-alcoholic beer

I ordered a non-alcholic beer and the asshat bartender made a horribly crude joke, attempting to embarrass me for not drinking. I promptly shamed him, which felt damn good.

I was so happy to collapse into my bed at the hotel. I had the first day of my first sober girls’ trip under my belt, and I had a feeling it would only get easier.

And, it did.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of our Saturday sight-seeing and shopping excursions, and our dinner and pit stop at another bar after dinner.

What I will tell you, though, is that it felt more and more natural not to drink.

Just as in my day to day life at home, not drinking became like a sort of muscle memory. I didn’t have to think about it. It became comfortable. Safe.

Sobriety has always been my soft place to land, something I can count on when everything around me is too loud, too chaotic, too much.

This trip was no different.

"I'm never drinking again" pink napkin

Amen, sister. (Also how adorable is my friend’s dog, Fenway? Stop. So cute.)

Sitting here on Sunday morning, I can say that my first sober girls’ trip was a success.

What does that even mean?

Sure, I didn’t drink alcohol. But that’s only a part of it.

It’s another first in the books.

Sobriety, for me, has been about getting through the firsts so I can enjoy the seconds and thirds. I’ve gone on many girls’ trips when I was drinking. I know how that goes. I’ve played that tape through many times.

Now, I know a sober girls’ trip, too.

And, for me, it is better.

So much fucking better.

Suzanne and her friends taking a selfie in front of the "Cleveland" sign

Nothing like looking directly into the sun to get that perfect pic. Love these girls.

  1. Farah says:

    Love your insights! I will at some point take my first no alcohol girls trip and I appreciate you being open about your experience!

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