How I Manage My Anxiety During the Pandemic


March 16, 2020

Hi, sweet friends. I’ve been struggling with what to post. I want this space to be helpful to you, as we all navigate these new days and weeks, together. I want you to find an escape when you need one, support when you’re feeling alone and tips to help you when your anxiety is so heavy it feels like a down winter coat you can’t take off when spring finally comes.

I don’t know Coronavirus, but I DO know anxiety.

I know a tight chest and a breath so short it feels like my lungs will never be capable of filling up with air again.

I know being so completely capsized by overwhelm that I’m not sure which way is up or which way is down, and if it really matters anyway.

I know spiraling. I know sitting on my bathroom floor, the walls closing in, my ground no longer solid and my path no longer clear, overgrown with weeds and leading nowhere.

I also know hope.

I know asking for help when I so desperately need it. I know loving myself with real, true self care.

Here’s a list of small things I do to take care of myself when I’m feeling anxious. I hope this helps you in this time of uncertainty.

Stay safe, sweet friends.


Exercise to get out of my mind and into my body.

Yoga to get out of my mind and into my breath.


Drink water.

Cut the coffee.

Turn off the news.


Read or listen to a book.




Fresh air.

Call my mom.

Start a project.

Cut out alcohol. (I have stopped drinking altogether, but if you haven’t it might be worthwhile to look into cutting it when you’re feeling anxious.)

Grounding exercises. (See more about them here.)

Write down a list of what I KNOW to be true.


Take a shower or a bath.

Organize my closets.

Color with my kiddos.

Take a nap.

Limit/eliminate junk food.

Sit in the sun.


Get dressed.


  1. Russell Warye says:

    Great post honey. I love you!

  2. Janet Stanley says:

    Such a thoughtful (in my opinion, you’re best) post Suzanne. Thank you.

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