The Friday Five | October Week 4

The Friday Five

October 25, 2019

Happy Friday, sweet friends! I’m so glad you are enjoying the new series – The Friday Five! I’ve been wanting a way to share my random finds with you and thought this is the best way. Head to my IG Stories to see them all in action…

(Also, I’m teaming up with a few of my fave mama bloggers on Stories and sharing 5 ways to style leggings! AND we’re giving away $200 Paypal cash. Head over there this afternoon to check it out and enter to win!)

Thanks for all of your support this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


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I ordered these combat boots last month, and for some INSANE reason it took me awhile to actually wear them. I’ve been in such a leggings and sweatshirt rut (hey, postpartum) that I just wasn’t feeling inspired to put a combat boot look together. Well, that changed this week and let me tell you: THEY’RE SO GOOD. They remind me of Balenciaga or Givenchy, but a fraction of the price. They’re easy to get on and off and run true to size.


OK. I need to talk about this swaddle/sleepsack. I ordered it early last week and was tempted to share it right away, but I wanted to give baby boy some time in it before I sang its praises. Well, IT’S TIME. It’s the first ever safety certified wearable weighted blanket + swaddle for infants and it’s pretty damn amazing. The gentle weight increases serotonin & melatonin, naturally reducing stress & increasing relaxation.

This has helped transition baby boy into his crib and out of the Dock-A-Tot. And while I don’t want to brag (because babies don’t like that and then he’ll show me by having a horrible night tonight), but a few nights away we actually had to WAKE HIM UP to nurse him. I put him down at 8pm and he was still sleeping soundly at 2am. 

I use the swaddle and will until he’s a little bit older, and I love that it’s easy to take off and can transition to a sleep sack. (Head to my IG Stories to see it in action.)

The best part?? I reached out to Dreamland Baby and they agreed to give you a discount code!

Use code SUZANNEWARYE at checkout for 15% off! 


We have our family photos coming up in a few weeks. I normally choose what I’m going to wear and then plan everyone’s looks around that. I ordered this dress for me, and it just didn’t work with this postpartum bod. So, back to the drawing board. In the meantime, I found these adorable outfits for the kids, so it looks like they’re leading the way.


Disclaimer: I’m not a Dr (breaking news), so please talk to your Dr before you start taking anything.

I shared these soft gels on my IG Stories last month when I was battling mastitis. Since then, I’ve gotten quite a few messages asking about them. I took these after getting mastitis with my second baby. I forgot to start them up again after having baby Gray and when I could feel mastitis coming on this time (fever, body aches and chills, very painful breast, etc), I took them right away. I started feeling much better even before taking the antibiotics. I think I caught it early enough, which is why these worked so well. I’m going to continue taking them during these early months of breastfeeding. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

Why do they work? I’m not sure, but the claim is that they help prevent plugged ducts by helping everything run smoothly in there. (I’m so doctor-y.)

Anthropologie Capri Blue Pumpkin Scented Feathered Jar Candle

I couldn’t NOT share my absolute love for this candle. If you want your entire home to smell like fall, GET THIS CANDLE. It’s pumpkin and cloves and all of the cozy goodness. I burn it first thing in the morning for a few hours and my home smells amazing all day long. Worth every single penny.

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