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October 10, 2019

This “Mama of Three” post is sponsored by Walmart and contains affiliated links. All opinions are my own.

Happy Thursday, sweet friends!

I’ve been meaning to share an update on daily life as a mama of three, but, well…it turns out being a mama of three takes up a lot of time. Like, pretty much all of it. 

Today’s post is in collaboration with Walmart, which is a perfect fit because it’s made this mama’s life easier. I’ve come to rely on their next day delivery on so many baby items, like diapers and wipes and those things you just can’t live without. 

Overall, things are going pretty well. As I’ve shared on my Instagram, I’ve found the transition to 3 kids easier (so far) than the transition to 2 kids. At this point, I’m pretty much used to a certain level of chaos, doing 83 things at once and being pulled in a 100 different directions. This time, I’m just doing it all while nursing a baby. 

I’ve been able to enjoy things more this time around. I know all too well how quickly it all goes, even when it feels as if time is at a standstill (like every day around 4pm). I snuggle the baby as much as possible, even if it means leaving emails unread and saving the dirty dishes for later. 

I also don’t feel the pressure I felt when my second was born. I know that eventually, we’ll adventure again and be able to get out and explore new parks and go for long walks. For now, I spend the majority of time on the couch, nursing the baby, while the girls play around me. Or, watch their iPads or a movie. This is just a season, and we’ll get dressed and head out into the world one day soon(ish). 

The question I get asked most often (other than if we’re done having babies, to which I exclaim YES), is how the girls are handling the change…

Sibling helpers changing diapers

(Don’t worry. The baby is not on the changing table.)

So far, so good. (But don’t tell the girls I told you that, because then it would all change in a second.) When we first brought the baby home, they were OBSESSED. They wouldn’t leave my side, which was tough because I was nursing the baby constantly and needed room. But, I tried the best I could to be patient. I knew that the novelty would soon wear off, and hoped that we could find a new normal. 

Now over 5 weeks in, we’re slowly getting into the swing of things. I know that Evy (2.5) will want to snuggle the baby for a total of 1.5 minutes, and then will say “I’m done with baby,” and go off to do her own thing. I know Harper (5) loves the snuggles, but can get frustrated when the baby cries and she can’t soothe him. 

I also know that both girls want to be by the baby, but most of all they want to be by ME. They want mama more than ever, and I’m constantly reminding myself that it’s important that I invite them into my little newborn bubble. Even if that means asking them to come on the couch with me while I nurse the baby, they jump at the chance and I try to soak in all of the love. 

Baby Gray

Baby boy’s coverall

This time might be “easier” because my 5 year old can actually help out! She is such a trooper and has been amazing with the baby. It’s so fun to see her experience all of the baby firsts, since she was too young when my 2 year old was born to remember much or be that much of a help. 

Sibling helpers changing diapers

OK, remember how I said that Walmart has made my life easier? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered diapers in the middle of the night, after realizing that baby boy is almost out of them. Or, as happened this week, when I realized that he’s going to be out of his newborn diapers in 5 minutes. (SAD.) 

I recently discovered Parent’s Choice, Walmart’s exclusive baby brand. They offer quality products at a great price, which is a total win win. This month Parent’s Choice is celebrating their 20th anniversary, which means they know what they’re doing. 😉 

We’ve been using Parent’s Choice diapers and wipes for the past month, and I’m impressed. 

Sibling helpers changing diapers

The girls absolutely love “helping” me change the baby. Most of the time, it’s cute. I ordered these step stools a few weeks ago, and they have come in so handy. The girls each have one, and they can move it themselves, which is great because it’s one less thing for me to do. 

Mama of three



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