Recent Amazon Finds…

Amazon Finds

August 7, 2019

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends! 

OK, I totally did not plan to have a blog post today. Our big moving day was yesterday, and let’s just say that I need a new word for exhausted. Whoa. We are SO happy to be in our new home, amid the chaos and towers of boxes, using paper towels for plates and eating pizza for every meal. 

But, moving at 9 months pregnant is no joke. Everything hurts. And the swelling. Don’t get me started. (OK, enough with the complaining.)

I couldn’t sleep and I got up this morning at 430, which means I might as well share my recent Amazon finds with you! (And for those who think I’m crazy, I’m not. Well, I kind of am. But, that’s beside the point. Blogging is my therapy. I love being able to sit down, create and share with you guys.)

That’s all for today! Be sure to head to my Instagram Stories for some behind the scenes action on the move! Thanks for stopping by…


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Recent Amazon Finds



1.Travel toiletry bagI’ve been looking for a good hanging toiletry bag that I can bring to the hospital, but that isn’t too big. This one is the perfect size, and still fits a lot. It gets great reviews and feels very well made.

2. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream35 weeks pregnant means it’s time to stock up on the nipple cream! If you’re planning on breastfeeding, this is a hospital bag essential FOR SURE – I used it with both of my girls.

3. 2 piece cotton woven throw rugs Amazon is quickly becoming a home decor go-to for me. It’s perfect for those pieces that you don’t want to spend a fortune on, and I’ve found that overall the quality is great. I’m ordering these rugs for our mudroom.

4. Bubble machine I scored this bubble machine during Prime Day, but I can honestly say it is 100% worth every single penny, even at full price. If you hate blowing bubbles because your kids trap you into doing it and then want to take over and then inevitably spill the entire bottle of bubbles (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.), then you need this gem in your life. (We’ve been using these bubbles with it.)

5. Modern pacifier clip – Alright, I confess this was an impluse buy. But how cute for baby boy’s paci? (If he takes one, that is. Please, dear God.)

6. Natural rubber baby paci – Again, not an essential. But so damn cute.

7. Tortoise hoops – I swear, once you go Amazon earrings, you don’t go back. Love how lightweight this pair is, and they’re only $9.

8. Faux berry leaf floral arrangement I had these faux flowers in my cart for awhile before I bought them, and I LOVE them. I have them on the shelf in my new office and love how clean and fresh they look.

9. Summer Brain Quest Pre-K + K WorkbookI’m all about making learning fun, and my almost 5 year old has loved this workbook. She’ll work on it while I work in my office (but also don’t get it twisted – sometimes she’s on the iPad bc #momlife).

10. Bona Hardwood Floor mopWe have used this for a few years on our wood floors in the old house, and now that our new house has ALL wood floors, I ordered another one. It’s the best.

11. Plush fleece slippers – Another hospital bag find. (Although, I’ve 

12. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner refillA great item to have on your Subscribe + Save so you never run out. Ours last a few months.

13. Floral maxi dressMy Amazon Fashion purchases have slowed down, since I really only ever want to wear my husbands tees and my oldest and favorite pajama pants. BUT, I saw this maxi dress and loved it. I also love that I can wear it after babe, too.

14. Gazillion bubbles – If you get the bubble machine, stock up on these bubbles. They’re not too soapy and they get big.

15. Melissa & Doug flower sprinkler – Another Amazon Prime Day find, and it’s on sale again! My girls love anything pink and girly, and this makes running through a sprinkler that much more fun.

16. It’s Not The Stork book – My almost 5 year old has been asking more questions about the baby and the whole baby-making and having process. We’ve been reading this book, and she loves it. I will say, it’s…honest – about girls and boys and bodies and all of those can-be-uncomfortable topics, which I like.

17. 6 pack of little girls’ underwear – These are the only undies my girl will wear. I like that they’re soft and a little bit thicker, so they stand up to washing very well.


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