5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall

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August 29, 2019

Happy whatever day it is! My blogging schedule has been so off this week. I blame the baby who is taking his sweet time to be born, obvs. Fall is hands down my favorite time of year, and this fall feels especially sweet. Not only will I be enjoying all of the newborn snuggles, I’ll also (slowly) be getting back to feeling like myself and into some of my favorite clothes. Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite looks and bringing you 5 closet staples you need for fall. 

I hope you enjoy!


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5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: a denim jacket

Whether it’s classic like this one, or more distressed like the one below, a denim jacket is a must-have fall staple and probably my most worn item of clothing in my closet.

5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: a denim jacket

This is my current go-to denim jacket. It’s perfectly distressed and the fit is just right. It doesn’t have much stretch, but it still super comfy. I sized up to medium for the bump, but would normally wear XS.



5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: animal print

I think a clutch is one of the easiest ways to incorporate animal print into your look.


5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: animal print

You just can’t go wrong with an animal print scarf. Life rule.

5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: animal print

As I was unpacking my closet recently, I realized how many leopard print shoes I have. It’s slightly embarrassing. I just love the pop it adds to an outfit. This exact pair is sold out, but here is a similar version.

5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: animal print
Or, you could go all out and rock this pink leopard print coat. Just because why the hell not. (It’s still in stock in XS and on sale for $24. For real.)


5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: denim

This pair of mom jeans has been my go-to denim for a few years now. Without fail, every time I put them on I feel 53.8% cooler than I actually am. I sized up one.

5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: denim

I bought this pair of “ex-boyfriend” jeans during the Nordstrom Sale last year, and they’ve been on repeat since. They run big, so size down.

5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: denim

Probably my most worn pair of jeans in my closet. This was my first pair of AG jeans, and let’s just say they were a gateway denim drug. If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly suggest starting with this pair. They don’t have much distressing and can easily be dressed up or down.


5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: boots + mules

I was going to include only boots in this list, but then I remember mules. And how much I love them. They’re an easy and chic way to complete your look. Here are a few current favorites (most are on sale!)…



5 Closet Staples You Need For Fall: a cozy cardigan

There’s no way I could share a fall staple list and not include my absolute favorite item of clothing: the cardigan. I’m not talking your Grandma’s cardigan. (No offense. I’m sure she’s sweet.) I’m talking about that coziest of cozy cardigan that you want to wear with every outfit and you don’t ever want to take off. That one. (Or, in my closet’s case, those 15.) I have this cardigan in a few colors and LOVE it. It holds up well, is less than $100 and is a classic you’ll have for years.



5 Fall Closet Staples

Find more fall style inspiration here!

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