26 Week Bump Update + Second Trimester Maternity Favorites

Bump Update

June 4, 2019

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends! I can’t believe I’m already 26 weeks pregnant! (Or 27. I seriously can’t keep track. Let’s just call it 26.) I’m sharing a bump update and my second trimester maternity favorites!

This post is a day late, because I was in New Hampshire visiting my brother this last weekend (without kiddos!) and we had some delay in travel and didn’t get home until Sunday night at 1030pm. That’s like 2 hours past my bedtime, so I was in full-on zombie mode for a huge part of yesterday.

Ok, time for coffee!


(Alright, just in case you can’t get the real gist of the largeness of the bump in the profile photo, here he is. Whoa.)

26 Week Bump Update


If you’ve read my previous bump updates, I might sound like a broken record. (And yes, I’m going to talk about my never-ending nausea. Again.) It’s still around, y’all. So, if you’ve stumbled upon this bump update through a late-night Google search, wondering if your morning sickness will go away, I hate to break it to you. While mine has definitely improved from that first trimester, the nausea is still hanging around. Mine is more pronounced in the late afternoons and evenings, while I *almost* feel normal first thing in the mornings.

Holy, allergies! In May, I struggled with bad allergies that ended up turning into a nasty sinus infection. Thankfully, the Z Pack helped kick it to the curb, but my allergies are definitely still around. I sneeze a minimum of 18 times a day and my nose is pretty much always itchy. Normally, I don’t really struggle with allergies, so I’m assuming this is a pregnancy thing.

Up until last week, my skin has been SO horrible during this pregnancy.  BUT!


I’m convinced there’s nothing better in this whole life than feeling my baby kick. It’s my all time favorite thing. Each kick and punch is like a secret sign between him and me and I feel incredibly blessed that I get to experience it.

He’s extra wiggly in the night, which I LOVE.


I can pretty much eat anything until 3 or 4pm. After that, my appetite is pretty much null and I can’t think about anything I ate earlier in the day without feeling like I’m going to get sick. It’s fun.

I’ve still been craving salty, like jalapeno chips and my new favorite is Ramen Cup Of Noodles. My best mama friend got me started on them and I’ve been hooked since. It helps a bit with the evening nausea bc I can sip on the hot broth. 


Remember when I told you in my last bump update that I’m track to gain 50 pounds during this pregnancy? Yeah, well, I’m still on that track. I miiiiiiiiight squeak in at like 48 pounds, but c’mon. That’s pretty much 50.


I’m still plugging along at my Shred415 class three times a week. Although, some weeks are better than others and this week because of camp schedules I’m not able to make it. 

Since it’s a hardcore mix of treadmill work and HIIT workouts on the floor, I’ve had to pare back A LOT since becoming pregnant. I do still run (Which, I don’t even think you can call it that anymore. It’s more like a hybrid waddle/jog situation.)

I’m slow. Like, really slow. But, it’s OK, because even just going there makes me feel more like…me. I try hard to listen to my body. If I’m so out of breath that I can’t talk, I slow down or rest and take a drink of water. If I need to take a break and leave to pee, I leave to pee. 

My goal is to keep going throughout the whole pregnancy because no matter how slow I am, it still feels GREAT when I go.


My sleep is pretty much never not interrupted these days. I wake up to pee at least 2-3 times a night. It’s hard to get comfortable – sleeping on my side is the only option and I’m normally a side to belly sleeper. I still haven’t ordered this body pillow, but I’m on it now. It’s time.

I’m still trying to go to bed early (by 9pm at the latest), so that I can get up before the rest of the house (530ish am) to get some work done. That’s how I stay sane, so I’m hoping to keep up that schedule for as long as I can.

Each morning, I’m pretty much convinced that I’ll be able to make it through the day without a nap. But then 1pm rolls around and I’m SO wiped. I’ve been lying down for an hour or so to rest, and it’s enough to get me to the finish line at 9pm.




26 Week Bump Update + 2nd Trimester Maternity Favorites

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