The Sweet Edit | No. 58

The Sweet Edit

April 19, 2019

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to bring another Sweet Edit!

We are heading to Wisconsin for Easter, and I’m SO excited to go home. Holidays are so much fun with little ones, not to mention THE CANDY. 

I hope you have a Happy Easter or a Happy Passover, whichever you celebrate!


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Sweet Edit, currently loving

I need another mug in my life like I need another neutral sweater, but I do need this mug.

I haven’t watched The View in years, but you’d better believe I preordered this juicy tell all...

It’s been rainy in Chicago, so thank goodness for my super cute pink Hunters (that I found in stock!). They run big, so size down if you’re in between.

This bag makes me want to go to the beach…

Sweet Edit, Amazon favorites

I’ll be sharing my April Amazon haul on Monday (including a few misses!), but here are some recent favorite finds:

I will be wearing these straw wicker earrings all spring and summer long! They’re cute, lightweight and only $11!

If you’re pregnant or nursing and are looking for a supportive workout bra, you need this one. It’s the only bra I wore in my past pregnancies and while I was breastfeeding because it’s SO good. The straps are adjustable, so it works so well if you are change sizes a lot.

Pretty sure my days of spending a small fortune on sunnies is over. These sunglasses give my designer pairs a run for their money, and they’re ONLY $15. I have them in the Black Glossy.

Sweet Edit, on the blog
10 "Lazy" mom outfits that are still stylish

Calling all mamas who don’t have an ounce of energy to think about what to wear! In this post, I’m sharing 10 easy, no fail looks that are still stylish (and that don’t include denim!).

5 tips for avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy

Halfway through my third pregnancy, and still no stretch marks. (Also hoping I didn’t just jinx myself.) Sharing 5 tips for avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy!

Non-cheesy mama finds

Need some Mother’s Day gift ideas? I’m rounding up the cutest, non-cheesy mama finds around

Favorite spring home finds

Sharing a few favorite spring home finds in this post! Let the nesting begin…

Sweet Edit, fav finds under $50

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