20 Week Bump Update

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April 25, 2019

Phew. I had planned on sharing this bump update yesterday, but that didn’t happen.

I got hit hard with a stomach bug Tuesday night and ended up in the hospital early Wednesday morning. Thankfully, they gave me IV fluids and anti-nausea meds and I could keep water down. I spent all day yesterday in bed, recovering. (A HUGE thanks to The Mister for holding down the fort!)

Here’s what I learned: pregnancy is no joke. If you end up getting sick when you’re pregnant, GO EASY on yourself. Get help, even if you wouldn’t have to in your “normal life.” Our bodies are going through SO much, so our immune systems aren’t what they used to be. 

I’m slowly, but surely, feeling better. Thank you for all of your messages on social media! You guys make this whole thing sweeter. 


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This bump update brings some good news… My all day morning sickness is * I think * a thing of the past. I still get hit with waves of nausea here and there, and evenings are still not the best, but I can deal with it. 

Sciatica pain has hit and WHOA is it brutal. I don’t remember it happening until later in my last pregnancy, so when I felt that familiar shooting pain in my ass (literally) a few weeks ago, I freaked out. I did a few stretches (here are some good ones), and was able to help lessen the pain. Thankfully, a few days after the pain started, it went away. I think he must’ve been on a nerve, and then moved. I’m sure I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’m trying to enjoy being sciatica pain free while I can.

My hips and lower back are starting to hurt, especially at night. 


Ahh, by far my favorite part of this whole gig. I’ve been feeling him move around a lot lately, especially when I lie down at night. My Dr gave me a quick ultrasound at my last check up appointment, and we found out that my placenta is in the front, which means it’s acting like a cushion between my little guy and me. So, the kicks aren’t as obvious as they were in my previous pregnancies, but I can definitely still feel him in there.


Overall, I think I’m still craving all things salty. (Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not eating sweets because HELLO I’m still breathing.) 

I haven’t been eating much meat at all, and I’m definitely on the course to becoming a full-on vegetarian. I’ve been on this path for years, but I think I’m finally taking the step. (More to come…)


Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about it. But, I will. You guys. The best laid plans. I had hoped I wouldn’t get as big as I have in my past pregnancies, but it seems my body had different plans. 

I plan on sharing more about this topic, but here’s the deal: I’m on pace to gain 50 pounds in this pregnancy. (Which means, if you carry the 1, I’ve already gained about 20-25 pounds.) 


I’m getting up in the morning before my kids again, which totally makes everything about my day better. And, I can even make it through most days without a nap. WOOHOO. But, when 830pm rolls around, I’m totally down for the count. 

Just as in my previous pregnancy, that whole second trimester super woman feeling is non-existent. I’m pretty sure that’s only applicable to first pregnancies. #momlife


Thankfully, I’m able to continue my weekly workouts, which has helped me stay sane during this pregnancy. I didn’t work out at all during the first trimester because I was SO sick and SO tired, and I paid the price. 

I’ve been on a roll with exercise (well, not this week, but…) and overall I’ve been feeling good. I’ve even been running in my classes (slowly – only getting up to 6.0 mph), and while it’s hard not to compare to my level of fitness prior to getting pregnant, I feel good knowing that I’m staying more active than I have in my previous two pregnancies. (Stay tuned for a post on my current pregnancy workout routine!)


Now that I’m not taking daily naps, I do think I’m sleeping better at night. I’m able to fall asleep pretty much right away (after getting up to pee a few times, that is) and I sleep pretty well throughout the night. 

My hips have been starting to hurt, so I’ve been sleeping with a few pillows between my knees and propped under my belly. That helps, but I feel like a pregnancy pillow is in my near future. I’ve had my eye on this one. I like that it doesn’t have the head pillow, because I am so high maintenance with my pillows. I didn’t have one in my previous pregnancies, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get by without one this time.


I’ve got a WHOLE LOT to do in this department. I get waves of nesting superpowers, which are then replaced by tidal waves of sitting down superpowers.

I’ll be sharing more about this, but we have rooms to swap and a whole lot of rearranging to do, and we haven’t started a thing. The girls are going to share a room (eeek), so that’s one hurdle to cross. I have been starting to daydream about baby boy’s nursery, and here are some things I’m loving:


I’ve been buying a lot of maternity clothes lately. It’s weird, but since I know this is my last pregnancy, I want to embrace it all,  which means feeling my best, which will only happen if I wear clothes that fit and feel good. (Hey, run on sentence.) Enter: all the maternity leggings. I’ve tried SO many. So far, this cropped pair from Target is a front-runner. I also own this more expensive version from Nordstrom, and I honestly can’t tell the difference. 

Here are more maternity favorites that I’ve been loving:

20 week bump update

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