My New Favorite (Non-Maternity) Leggings + 15 Week Bump Update

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March 20, 2019

Happy Wednesday! You guys. I’m on a roll. 3 posts in 3 days?? I’m unstoppable. I want to be better this pregnancy at sharing the bump update series because this is the last go round, and I know one day when my kiddos are in school and I’m home alone for the first time in 6 years, I’ll probably cry my eyes out over these posts. 

OK, I’ve shared my love for these leggings on Instagram, but it’s time to shout it from the blogtops. (Not a word.) I’ve been a Zella leggings girl for years. They can be pricey, but since I wear leggings 90% of the time, I have chosen to invest in a few pairs. 

You guys. These leggings are HALF of the Zella price tag, and dare I say, they’re just as good. They’re a little cropped (I’m 5’6″), but longer than capri length. The material feels a bit thinner than Zella and they’re a tad shinier, but they are perfect for both every day wear and active wear. They are super stretchy – the high rise goes over the bump and doesn’t at all constrict it. I sized up to a medium. 

I’m wearing them in black in the above photo and navy in the one below. And I’m off to order them in the dusty sage color. So pretty. 

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Zella leggings


Baby is the size of a pear! And let me tell you, he already feels way bigger.


OK, I *think* my morning (all day) sickness is on its way out (hope that by the next bump update I can confirm). But I def don’t want to jinx myself, so let’s just keep this amongst ourselves. For the past few weeks, the nausea has been hitting me every afternoon around 4pm and then getting worse into the night until I can finally take Diclegis again.


Yes! It’s not all the time yet, but I’ve been feeling his little movements here and there for a few weeks. I do think it’s so much easier to feel movements the second and third time around since you know what’s gas and what’s baby. 🙂 My absolute favorite thing about being pregnant is lying down at the end of the day and feeling the baby kick. I can’t wait for those special moments this time around.


I’m excited that I’m finally craving veggies again! I’ve been having salads and veggie stir fry a lot. I have the Modern Greek with Quinoa + Avocado salad and a bowl of tomato soup from Panera almost every day. For some reason I just can’t get enough.


Well, you guys. I stopped weighing myself because it was just getting depressing. So, I’m not sure how much I’ve gained. I’m guessing close to 15 pounds, which is on track to gain close to what I did with my last pregnancy. (Which, actually, I stopped weighing myself at the end, but I’m guessing it was close to 50 pounds.)


Alright, compared to 4 weeks ago, my energy levels have skyrocketed. I’m able to (mostly) get up before the kids and get some stuff done. During the day, I have quite a bit of energy, but it takes a nose dive in the afternoon. By 6pm I’m still pretty darn beat. I’m not sure if that’s pregnancy, or life at 38.


I’ve started going to my favorite workout class again, and I feel like a new human being. Actually, I feel like myself again, which is even better. I’ve been going 3 times a week, and it’s been awesome. It’s a mix of HIIT + treadmill workout and burns about 600 calories each time. I’ve been walking on the treadmill on an incline instead of running, which has been like a mini lesson in self control. But, I still work up a good sweat and those endorphins carry me through the rest of my day.


Thankfully, the insomnia has let up a little bit. It still takes me awhile to fall asleep at the beginning of the night, and I’m up at least 4 times throughout the night to pee, but other than that I’m able to sleep through. Also, I’ve found if I can hold out on my nap during the day, my sleep at night is much better.


I know it’s early to be thinking about it, but we have a lot of rearranging to do, so we’ve got to get a move on. And no, we haven’t started yet. 


No. I didn’t get them with my first 2 pregnancies and I’m hoping they stay away this time, too. I think it’s a genetic thing, so: Thanks, Mom. 😉 But just in case, I’m using this lavender belly oil that I used with my first two. It smells AMAZING.


It’s still in. For some reason, mine doesn’t pop until way later.


Yes! I’ve been in them for awhile. They’re just too damn comfortable. Although, some of my favorite finds of the month are non-maternity. I’ve just been sizing up.

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