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January 2, 2019

Happy New Year, sweet friends!

I hope you had a wonderful end to 2018 and rang in 2019 with your family and friends! We were in bed by 1130pm, but saw midnight hit NYC, which was enough for me. (Oh, and remind next year NOT to let my 4 year old stay up. Maybe worst parenting decision ever. Oops.)

As much as I love the holidays, I think I just might love a brand new start and new page even more. (OK, maybe not more. But it’s close.) 

Today I’m sharing some answers to questions I’ve gotten over the last few weeks and my 2019 blogging goals. I hope you guys enjoy!


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2019 blogging goals,
pink turtleneck, faux fur vest, skinny jeans, crossbody, and booties
HOW MUCH $ DOES THE BLOG BRING IN ANNUALLY?  Alright, I totally understand asking this question. Blogging is…weird. I’m pretty sure most of my family and about 80% of my friends think that my blog is a hobby and that it’s cool that I get free products. Well, breaking news: I don’t work in exchange for product. (And if you blog, you shouldn’t either.) I started my blog when I was a new mama. It was a place for me to pour my creativity and use the only part of me that wasn’t covered in spit up – my brain. After about a year, I chose to begin monetizing. From there, it escalated pretty quickly. As my blog grew, so did my rates. And today, I’m so grateful to share that in 2018 I made more from the blog than I did when I was an executive at Bloomingdale’s. I don’t want to get into specific numbers, but I’ll say that it’s 5 figures and I hope to break 6 figures in the next year or so.
pink turtleneck, faux fur vest, skinny jeans, crossbody, and booties

ARE YOU STILL ON MEDS FOR DEPRESSION/ANXIETY?  I’m so glad someone asked this question, because I’ve been meaning to share an update on my Zoloft sitch. I’ll be sharing a more in-depth update on here soon (click here to sign up for posts so you don’t miss it!), but for now I will say that yes, I’m still on a low dose of Zoloft. I take 50mg, which is the lowest dose and I have no complaints. It doesn’t make me a zombie, but what it does for me is even things out. Not much seems overwhelming, which is a change for me. It’s THE best decision I’ve made. If you’re struggling, I cannot recommend enough to go to talk to a doctor. Get help. (Read more about my struggle with Postpartum Anxiety here and read how I avoided it the second time around here.)

pink turtleneck, faux fur vest, skinny jeans, crossbody, and booties

DID YOU HAVE ANY CORE SEPARATION AFTER PREGNANCIES? HOW DID YOU HELP YOUR CORE RECOVER AFTER?  OK, here’s the thing: I don’t know if I had core separation after my pregnancies. I know. So bad. I’m pretty sure I didn’t after my first – I was doing one-on-one Pilates on the reformer all throughout and until about 8.5 months. That really helped everything stay put. My second pregnancy was a totally different situation. I definitely let myself go and didn’t focus on my fitness as much as I did in my first pregnancy. 

pink turtleneck, faux fur vest, skinny jeans, crossbody, and booties

WHAT IS YOUR CUTE DOG’S NAME? Scout! Or as we call him around here Scouter, Scowzy or Scouty. He’ll be 16 this year (!) and I got him when he was 10 weeks old. 

pink turtleneck, faux fur vest, skinny jeans, crossbody, and booties

WHAT WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD LIKE? This question requires like a whole week of blog posts – ha. For the first 5 years, my childhood was idyllic. My parents were together and all was good in my little world. Then, as happens in so many stories, it started to fall apart. The rest is a looooong story that is for another day. But, today I’m so thankful to be close to both of my mom and my dad and extremely grateful for my brother, who went through all of it, too.


I’m a list-maker. It makes my heart happy. And I truly believe that writing down my goals makes me more likely to accomplish them. Sharing them with tens of thousands of people? Umm, yeah. That’ll motivate me to do it. So, consider this a kick in the butt for me.… Here are my 2019 blogging goals.

1. Share more fitness posts. Every time I share my health + fitness favorites, current routines, etc, you guys love it. I’ve been wanting to share more fitness posts, but the holiday season kind of took over. Don’t worry – they’re coming! I have a whole lot of fun health + fitness posts planned, so stay tuned.

2. Share more home decor.  I’ve gotten a lot of requests for more home posts and a peek into our home, and it’s coming! I’ll be sharing a LOT more of our home, including with a home office refresh post coming next week. Also, if you’ve been around here for awhile, you know that we are planning on renovating our kitchen this year! I’ll be sharing the whole process with blog posts and behind the scenes stuff on my Instagram Stories.

3. Post 3-4 times a week. Over the holiday season, I got into the habit of posting 5 times a week. And you guys, it’s a lot. My goal for this year is to post less, but make them quality posts. Most weeks, I’ll be posting on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays. Some weeks might require an extra Tuesday or Thursday post, but for the most part I will try to keep it to 3 (awesome) posts a week.

4. Focus on the newsletter. At the end of last year, I launched my weekly newsletter! It’s something that had been on my list all year, and I kept finding reason NOT to do it. It was a big step, and I was afraid of failing. I wanted it to be a hit and I didn’t want to do it unless I could guarantee success. Then, a few months ago, I realized that I was thinking about it all wrong. What was I waiting for? What was the worst that could happen? So, I stumbled through the technology part and shared my heart and sent out my first newsletter. And, so far, it’s going well. I’ve gotten an awesome response and I love being able to connect with you in a different, more intimate format. I plan on sharing even more exclusive content in the new year, so make sure you’re on the list! Click here to sign up!

Alright, that’s it! I think. Ha. My wheels are always turning, so chances are there will be more developments as the year progresses, but for now, I feel good about my list.

And as always, I LOVE to hear from YOU! What do you guys want to see more of in the new year?? Also, do you like The Sweet Edit or Find It For Me Fridays?? I’m trying to decide which is better, and I might do a few of each in a month. Let me know in the comments!! 

  1. Kelly says:

    More decor and fitness posts sound fabulous to me! This is actually my first post of your’s I’ve stumbled upon and I’m glad I did. You have such a relaxed writing style. Love it! Look forward to reading more in 2019.

    xoxo – Kelly

  2. Chelsey says:

    Yay!! Can’t wait to see what you do with your kitchen!!! ??

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