3 Day Food Diary


April 24, 2018

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’ve been promising you I would share my 3 Day Food Diary, and here it is! 

I recently shared how I lost my baby weight after having my second baby, and while most of the post was focused on fitness, I firmly believe that losing the weight and keeping it off has more to do with what I’m putting into my body. 

It goes without saying (but I’m still going to say it), I am NOT a dietician or physician and my diet is far from perfect. I have a sweet tooth (hence My Kind Of Sweet), so you’ll see that I allow myself some sort of treat (normally dark chocolate) every single day. Also, I eat too much packaged food for my liking, especially for lunch. It’s something I’m working on, but as a busy mama, it’s the best I can do right now, so I give myself some grace. 

After my first daughter was born, I gave up all dairy for 5 months. She had an intolerance, and since I was nursing, it was important that I cut it out of my diet. I thought it was going to be impossible to go dairy-free for this Wisconsin girl. 

Imagine my surprise when not only was it pretttttty easy to cut it out, I actually felt SO MUCH BETTER without cheese, milk and butter.

These days, I’m not 100% dairy free. I still take little nibbles of my girls’ grilled cheese sandwiches. Sometimes I’ll order an Au Lait with regular milk. But overall, I steer clear of dairy. And not because it’s “better” for me, but because I FEEL so much better without it. 

That whole experience taught me how important it is to listen to my body. So, I try to eat foods that make me feel good, and steer clear of the ones that don’t. Easy, right? Not always. But, I’m getting better at it. 

Also, I didn’t share my pics of water (how boring would that be?), but I try to drink water constantly throughout the day.

OK, that’s all for today. As always, thank you, thank you for stopping by!


PS – As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting for a couple of months. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it, so stay tuned for a FAQ blog post soon! Click here to sign up for the blog posts so you don’t miss it…

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I wanted to make sure I shared a weekend day, since that’s when I let my hair down. So, I started my food diary on a Sunday. 

3 day food diary--coffee

I go to sleep at night thinking about my morning coffee. I know, I know. I’m supposed to start the day with lemon water or something super healthy, but the second my feet hit the floor, I’m sprinting to my coffee maker. I can’t get to it quick enough. 

I replaced half and half with almond milk and a splash of this Almond Milk Creamer, and I can honestly say that I don’t miss the dairy.

I’ve just started adding this Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my coffee. It’s completely flavorless, so you really can’t go wrong. Collagen is thought to support overall health and wellness.

3 day food diary--protein pancakes

Pancakes are our family weekend tradition. I while I love to make my family pancakes, I dread the inevitable sugar crash that follows. Enter: Kodiak Power Cakes. With 14 grams of protein, there is no sugar crash. And yep, I use real maple syrup. Because life is too short not to have maple syrup.

3 day food diary--eggs, potatoes, and avocado

I know this looks like breakfast since I’m still in my pajamas, but SUNDAY. This is what I had for lunch. I love to roast a whole lot of veggies on Sunday so I can eat them throughout the week.

I roasted red potatoes, carrots and onions. I also boil 12 eggs on Sunday so we have an easy grab and go option all week. I love this meal because it’s SO filling and packed with all the goodness you need.

3 day food diary--butter cookie

YOU GUYS. These butter cookies are from a local bakery and I can’t even begin to tell you how AMAZING they are. I had two three…

3 day food diary--salad

I eat this giant salad for dinner at least twice a week. It’s super easy to throw together, and I can always count on it to fill me up and help round out my day.

The ingredients vary, but I always do a mix of organic spring mix and arugula, avocado, baby bell peppers and tomato basil feta cheese. Instead of a store-bought dressing, I drizzle olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pepper-infused olive oil. YUM.


3 day food diary--coffee


3 day food diary--smoothie

A protein shake has always been my go-to for a quick and easy breakfast for the whole family. (I give it to the girls without the protein powder.) There are several different shakes that I make, but here’s what’s in this one:

Organic frozen berries, almond milk, banana, water and vanilla protein powder. 

3 day food diary--Lenny and Larry's protein cookie

I don’t think I go one full (week) day without one of these bad boys. I LOVE them. They satisfy my sweet tooth, but I don’t feel totally guilty after eating one. Most days during the week, this will be my breakfast. I save money and buy them in bulk.

3 day food diary--organic chicken nuggets

When I haven’t planned ahead and have no idea what to have for lunch, I generally end up having these gluten free organic chicken nuggets. 

3 day food diary--coffee

4pm coffee because #momlife.

3 day food diary--chicken lettuce wraps

The Mister requested Chicken Lettuce Wraps for dinner. This is one of my favorite recipes: 

Ground chicken, I can of water chestnuts, a handful of raw cashews, 1/2 onion and 1 Tbsp each of peanut butter, soy sauce and Teriyaki sauce.

3 day food diary--chocolate chips

Ending the day with a handful of chocolate chips.


3 day food diary--yogurt parfait

OK, so this bowl looks GIANT, but it’s not. I LOVE eating Plain Greek Yogurt with berries, granola and honey for breakfast when I have time. It keeps me full all morning and satisfies the sweet tooth.

3 day food diary--Lenny and Larry's protein cookie

Post-workout snack on the go.

3 day food diary--pb&j and Pirate's Booty

Yes, it’s a toddler’s lunch: PB+J and Pirate’s Booty. I don’t have a no bread rule (could never do that), but I try to limit it. If I do eat a sandwich, I’ll eat it on a multigrain Sandwich Thin.

3 day food diary--hummus snack

My girls and I love this snack. It’s filling and SO yummy.

3 day food diary, taco salad

This is my version of Taco Tuesday. I forego the shells and turn it into a HUGE taco salad instead. But to keep it festive, I sprinkle tortilla stripes on the top. I love adding organic black beans to ground turkey for added protein. We have this for dinner about once a week.

3 day food diary, dessert--dove chocolates



How I lost the baby weight, 3 day food diary
  1. Jenn says:

    Hi! You say you roast a bunch of stuff on Sunday for the week, how do you reheat it so it doesn’t get gross, or do you eat it cold?? Thanks! Love your stuff!!

    • suzanne says:

      Hi, Jenn! Thank you so much for your support! I just reheat it in the microwave, but it would probably be better in the oven. I just never have the time 🙂 xo

      • Jenn says:

        Ok awesome!!! I also asked you about the microneedling a little while ago on instagram and have since purchased one along with something to “shave” my face and I’m loving it all!!! ?

  2. […] I break my fast with a light meal. I’ve found that if I eat too much, I feel sick almost immediately. So, I like to ease back into eating with a small meal, usually Greek yogurt with granola and fruit or a boiled egg and avocado. I shared my 3 Day Food Diary if you want to know more about what I eat during the day.  […]

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