Hunter Boots + Why I Shaved My Face

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October 16, 2017

It’s true. And I’m totally hooked. But first, let’s talk about my Hunter boots and a fall outfit I could wear for the rest of my days and be totally content. 

Remember when I bought my Hunter boots a couple of years ago? I shared how much of a style departure it was for me to go with red. Look in my closet and you will see an embarrassing amount of….neutrals. (I know. You’re totally shocked.)

And while they’re still the only red item that I own (OK, except for my Christmas pajama pants), I have found a way to work them seamlessly into my fall wardrobe.

I paired them with a flannel and leggings while I was pregnant, and these days I’m loving them with my denim jacket and cozy sweater. And this hat is a total mama (life) must have. Did I wash my hair today? You’ll never know. 

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on a pair yet, I highly recommend them. 


Now to the good part and why I’ve started shaving my face…

No, it’s not due to some weird postpartum hormone situation.  And while my husband is convinced I will have a 5 o’clock shadow any day now (not going to happen), I’m certain it’s the best thing I’ve done for my skin in long time. 

I’ve been wanting to try dermaplaning for awhile, but breastfeeding and the whole ZERO free time thing has kind of gotten in the way of getting it done. But who needs to pay an arm and a leg when you can order these little bad boys for $5 and do it yourself at home?? 

Well, I shaved my face last night and you guys…I’m hooked. It got rid of the fine little peach fuzz and dead skin cells and left my skin smoother and glowier (not a word) than it’s ever been. My makeup went on so much better this morning, too. 

And guess what?? Apparently, I’m not the only one doing it. As soon as I started talking about it on my Instagram Stories, so many of you messaged me letting me know you’ve been doing it, too. Who knew?!

So…tell me. Have you ever shaved your face?? Would you?? 



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Sweater, black denim, jean jacket, baseball hat, Hunter boots
Sweater, black denim, jean jacket, baseball hat, Hunter boots
Sweater, black denim, jean jacket, baseball hat, Hunter boots
Sweater, black denim, jean jacket, baseball hat, Hunter boots
Sweater, black denim, jean jacket, baseball hat, Hunter boots
Sweater, black denim, jean jacket, baseball hat, Hunter boots
  1. Ashley says:

    Loving this outfit! I am obsessed with my Hunters and have been eyeing them in red!!

  2. Becca Wilson says:

    You are totally not the only one that shaves your face! I seriously thought I was weird for doing it and do it in secret, but maybe I shouldn’t be ashamed. I also agree that my skin is so much smoother and the dead skin totally gets removed. That glow comes back and gasp! I don’t really break out as much when it is shaved. Who knew that I was not alone?!

  3. Daisi Ari says:

    Wow! I never really thought of shaving my face. I usually wax but damn sounds like an option to me!

  4. Amanda Kruse says:

    I have the same Hunter boots! I love how you styled yours!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  5. […] been getting quite a few messages from you guys asking about the whole face shaving sitch and wondering if I’m still doing it and if I’ve grown a 5 o’clock shadow […]

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