5 Things I’ve Learned In 2 Years Of Blogging


June 7, 2017

Two years of blogging?? For real?? When I think back to my first blog post, I get a little welled up. I was a new mama, searching for something to fulfill that part of me that didn’t go away just because I became a mom.

I needed a place I could be ME again, instead of just being Harper’s mom. I needed to remember who I was before the incessant worrying about sleep and nursing and regressions and milestones. I needed an outlet for my creativity. 

So, this blog was born. 

I had ZERO clue how to start a blog, what it meant to blog and everything that goes into blogging. Even today, I probably have like 38.5% of a clue. I learn new things every day: how to improve this little space, what you guys want to see, and what I want to share. (Feel free to enlighten me even more by letting me know in the comments below!!)

What started as my escape from postpartum anxiety and the stress of motherhood has turned into my passion and part full time job. I have been able to connect with and be inspired by some pretty amazing mamas (I mean YOU!).

I have partnered with brands that I’ve supported and loved for years. Somehow, they even pay me to wear their clothes and use their products. #sobananas  

But by far, the best part about blogging is being able to do all of it from my cozy home office, while my girls sleep. Sure, it’s a constant struggle to figure out how to make time for all of it, and to make sure I’m not sacrificing quality time with my girls in order to meet a campaign deadline or run to a photo shoot. Some days I’m better at it than others. But every single day I am grateful for this gig. 

So, are you thinking of starting a blog? 


Here’s the first thing I want you to know: blogging is hard work. I know, I know. It doesn’t seem like it. But, if you want people to read your blog (and come back to it), you need not only to put out compelling content, but you need to promote your stuff. 

Over the past couple of months I’ve received many messages asking for advice on starting a blog, and how to juggle motherhood with the demands of blogging. While I’m still trying to figure out that last part, I do have a couple tips for those just thinking about or getting into blogging. 

Blogging: wearing a red dress and denim jacket

INVEST (AND HUSTLE).  Remember when I wrote a post last year about how to start a blog and even make some money doing it? Well, here is the first and most important thing to remember: you need to INVEST in your blog. (Unless you don’t want to make money and you’re totally OK having just your family members as your readers, but I’m guessing you’re not because you’re reading this, so…)

You need to invest your time and some money. Think of your blog as a small business. You have an idea, you do some research, you create your space to fulfill your idea, and then you go to work. You put out quality content, you build your following and you promote, promote, promote.

Invest some money. Hire a Virtual Assistant to do the mundane stuff for you, so you can focus on creating content. If you’re starting a style blog, invest in wardrobe basics.

There will be time in the beginning when you’re doing the work, you’re promoting, and nothing is happening. That’s OK. It’s normal. That’s the hustle. Keep working and investing the time, and it will come.

THERE WILL BE RUTS.  As with most things in life, blogging has its highs and lows. There have been days weeks when my creativity is null and I feel like I don’t have much to offer my readers. Sometimes I can’t come up with a new blog post to save my life. So, I don’t. I go on with life. I play with my girls. I do yoga. I go for a run. It’s then that the ideas come.

I always have a running list of blog post ideas in the Notes on my phone, so I can quickly type them up and get back to life. Then, in the early morning when the house it quiet, I write. 

There have been many times I’ve questioned this whole deal. Who cares what I think? Who is going to read this? What the hell am I doing? Is this a waste of time? That’s when I always go back to why I started. For ME. 

BE VULNERABLE. I once read there are like 4 million bloggers in the world. WHAT?! I’m not sure if that’s true or if I made that up, but still…there are A LOT of us out there. What is going to separate you from the rest of them? Your heart. Share what you’ve experienced. You have a story to tell, and we are waiting to hear it. Sure, it’s good to share your fashion sense if you have a style blog. But, we want more. We want to know YOU. 

CREATE A COMMUNITY.  This will take some time, but once you start sharing your heart and your story, your community will come. Engage with your readers. Connect with them through your posts. Ask them to share their experiences. Create a Facebook Group. Share your real life on Instagram Stories. Slowly but surely, you will find your tribe and they will become loyal readers. 

DO YOU.  Believe me, I know. It’s hard not to look to the left and the right. It’s tough to stay in your lane. But, it’s essential. This goes back to the whole being vulnerable and sharing your story thing. You have something to add to this blogging world, and we want to hear it. We want to hear YOUR take on something. We want to see how YOU would style a look. Don’t copy or try to emulate. Do YOU and you can’t go wrong.

Moral of the story? 

If it's both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it

And don’t forget…

Life is short, don't be lazy

Loved it? Share it! xo 

The 5 most helpful blogging tips
  1. First off, congrats on two years!! Second, this post was SPOT ON! I’ve been blogging for about a year and you nailed it. Hard work, investing, and creative ruts!! Haha I’m so grateful to have met you in this blogging journey and thanks for inspiring so many! I love your blog and Instagram for YOU, so that is definitely the best bit of advice – just be yourself! Comparison is the thief of joy. xx
    Emily | happilylindsey.com

    • suzanne says:

      Thank you so much, girl! It’s hard not to compare, but it’s so much more meaningful when you can share your heart. I’m so glad to have met you in this blogging world, too! xo

  2. I was just recently turned onto your blog by a friend and I’m so glad she did! You are spot on with finding something to do that reminds me (us) of our previous lives before babies. I’m also Mom to a Harper and I’ve struggled to find myself for the past 21 months. Now, blogging isn’t my thing (I don’t think) but either way you’ve got me wondering what else I can do to fulfill that missing piece. Your style is effortless, classic AND nursing friendly. Three winners in my book! Stay true to you and thank you for making my day!

  3. Jen says:

    Great post and so true! Investing in your blog is key and hiring out those things you’re not familiar with is such a good idea. Sometimes I can’t afford it and I’ve been forced to learn it myself, which has actually been good too! 🙂 And ruts, OMG … just go with them and know they’ll break. They happen. It’s okay. Just know that inspiration is lurking around the corner and will find you when you’re both ready! Congrats on two years – love your blog!

  4. Caitlin says:

    Great post, Suzanne! I’ve also been blogging for 2 years this month but about half of that was playing around with something fun. It’s still fun but now my eyes have been opened to the “business side” of it and I am trying to get it all down. Thanks for sharing this!

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