Postpartum Fitness Week 3 Update

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April 21, 2017

We’re already 3 weeks into April – how crazy is that?! The theme of this week’s post is SLOW + STEADY.  My postpartum fitness challenge is well underway, and it’s becoming more of a lifestyle change than anything. 

As you may remember, my goal at the beginning of April was to move and sweat every single day of the month. I’m proud to say that so far, with the exception of 1 day, I’ve made it happen. 

I may not be able to do exactly the workout I would like, or the one I had planned (toddlers and babies are tricky like that), but I’ve still made a point to move and get a workout in at some point during the day. 

Prior to this challenge, I was more of an all or nothing kinda girl. If I was going to workout, it was going to be a GOOD one. I was going to be dripping in sweat. If I didn’t have time for that kind of workout, I’d get back at it tomorrow. 

This challenge has helped me alter that. Now, even if I can’t get in an insane sweat session, I don’t count today out. I still do something. Because, something is by far better than nothing

Postpartum fitness update

I’ve still got a little bit of that postpartum tire thing going on, which turns into a lovely muffin top when I try on my pre-second baby jeans. (Yummmmm, muffins…).  

My weight loss continues to be slower than I would like. It might have something to do with breastfeeding, I’m not quite sure. But, it’s slowly coming off, and slow progress is better that none at all, right? 

And you might be wondering, what does a pretty pink drink from Starbucks have to do with my postpartum fitness journey? Well, I’m trying to curb my sweet tooth. Which means I’ve cut out my beloved dark chocolate – just for the time being. I know when it’s time to get control of it, and it was definitely time. 

Happy Friday, friends! 



SATURDAY      Yoga With Adriene

SUNDAY            Run outside!

MONDAY           HIIT workout

TUESDAY          Run

WEDNESDAY    Walk on treadmill with baby girl

THURSDAY        Walk

FRIDAY              Walk

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