The Sweet Edit | No. 15

Happy December, sweet friends! 

(Thought I’d share a real life photo. We didn’t plan on taking a family photo, so there is ZERO outfit coordination happening. Also, the baby was obsessed with H’s necklace and is trying to tear it off her. It’s a keeper.)

So. How was your week? Any fun weekend plans?

We’re headed to see Santa later today and H can’t stop talking about it. She’s going to tell him she wants a pony. Awesome. Let’s see if he can take care of that one. 

Also, we’re starting Elf On The Shelf this year and I’m pretty sure I’ve already screwed it up. I forgot to start it yesterday. And it’s still sitting in the box, so I have to skedaddle and get creative. Oops. Kind of regretting this decision already. 

As always, thank you for stopping by! Come back Monday for another gift guide! This one is all about the stockings… 🙂


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No need to break the bank on matching holiday pajamas.

Escapism at its finest. Loving this podcast from my FAV Bachelorette. She goes there and it’s amazing. 


This album has been on repeat for longer than I’d like to admit. H is a big fan and it makes my heart so, so happy.

You had me at shimmer. And shine.

I don’t even love cats but I love this. So much.

STOP. The coziness. I can’t. (AND on sale?!)

Because what the world needs now is…kindness.