Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

Phew. Where do I begin with this pregnancy update? The past 2 weeks have been more eventful than I would have liked, to say the least…

It started 2 weeks ago when I fell outside while carrying Harper. It wasn’t a big fall at all, but I thought better to be safe than sorry, so I called my Dr’s office. They sent me to Labor + Delivery to get everything checked out. I ended up having contractions every minute for hours, so they kept me overnight (which I was SO not expecting and thus totally unprepared). The contractions calmed down overnight, and I went home the next day. It was scary, but thankfully all turned out to be ok. 

The moral of that story is: mamas, be CAREFUL out there! It’s tough being pregnant in the winter when our balance is off and things in our body aren’t where they should be (super scientific, Suz). Add a squirmy toddler to the mix and it can become pretty dangerous pretty quickly. 

Wait, I’m not done…Then, last week The Mister and I got hit with the Norovirus – and OMG. I wouldn’t even wish that on Donald Trump. (Welllllll…..) I ended up in the hospital yet again because I was so dehydrated and contracting up a storm. Geez. 3 bags of IV fluids and 7 hours later, I was back home. 

Through ALL of this, baby girl has been a trooper. She’s remained healthy the entire time, and I can’t thank the Lord enough for protecting her. It makes me feel even more protective of her…and want her to stay put in there until she’s good and ready to come out. All in your time, baby girl. 

And it’s official, I’m DONE buying maternity clothes. Honestly, I haven’t purchased much this pregnancy, but I’m getting pretty tired of all things maternity and ruched sides and full panels. I’m ready to wear my pretty clothes that are hanging all lonely in my closet. 

Of course that doesn’t mean I haven’t been buying things (because NESTING). Since Harper was a summer baby, I’ve had so much fun picking out cozy winter wear for our winter baby. I’ve included our latest purchases in the widget below, but here are some of my favorites: this adorable bear sweaterI have this in 2 other sizes from when Harper was little, but I saw it was on sale and just couldn’t resist. It fits SO well and lasts forever (even beyond the months on the tag). I can’t wait to see her sweet little face sticking out of this cozy one piece

Oh, and how did I not know about these little gems? Magnetic closures?! GENIUS. 

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Although I’m pretty much wiped out by the afternoon morning, I do get little bouts of energy here and there. I have the nesting bug BIG time, so when I do have some energy, I’ve been an organizing and cleaning fool. 


Pretty much everything I’m not supposed to have. A Turkey Tom from Jimmy John’s has been at the top of my list for awhile now. I want it. I need it. OMG, someone bring me one RIGHT NOW. 


My belly button has finally popped! It never fully happened when I was pregnant with Harper, so when it happened this time I celebrated a little. It seems like a rite of passage. 

I still have the same aches and pains that seem to naturally come along with building a human. For all of you pregnant mamas, I highly recommend THIS PILLOW. It’s soft and easy to maneuver, even when you’re half asleep, and it has saved many nights of sleep when I would toss and turn and not be able to get comfortable. 




  • Aditi Singh

    Wishing you luck for your pregnancy. So wonderful that you shared your fears and pregnancy journey. I love reading about other’s pregnancy. 😀

  • Brittany

    Such a cute buko! You are almost there… I had the same pillow and it was a lifesaver!!! 🙂

    Brittany 🙂

  • Ashley

    Geez! I’m glad everyone is okay and feeling better! That support pillow is HEAVENLY by the way. Highly recommend!

  • Amy Scott

    I wouldn’t wish that on Donald Trump – LOL

    I WOULD!

    Glad you’re ok, grow baby grow!

  • Leighann

    I’m glad everything turned out okay! That virus sounds terrible too! Ugh! Sending you good vibes for the rest of your pregnancy!