Quit Lit That Will Change The Way You Think About Alcohol


March 26, 2024

Quit Lit played such a huge part in my early sobriety. While it’s impossible for me to choose my favorite quit lit (the list goes on and on!), I wanted to round up the Quit Lit that will change the way you think about alcohol….

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When I first stopped drinking alcohol in January 2020, This Naked Mind by Annie Grace was the first quit lit I listened to and it changed EVERYTHING for me. I highly recommend listening to it because it’s a heavy lift if you’re a busy mom and try to sit down to read it. I had one AirPod in my ear at ALL times – when I was cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, doing laundry, “playing” with my kids – I was listening to Annie Grace read this book.

I considered it an un-brainwashing. It’s repetitive by design, so that the information soaks in and replaces the nonsense we’ve been inundated with our entire lives.

If you think you know what alcohol is and what it does to our bodies and minds, I am going to challenge you to listen to this book because I’m guessing most of us don’t know even half of the truth…

Blackout by Sarah Hepola is a book that will stay with you long after you read it. Hepola details her drinking and consequent blackouts with such precision – if you’ve ever blacked out, you know the specific shame it brings. We’re reading this one for our April book club in The Sober Mom Life Cafe.

I’ve talked a lot about how much I loved We Are the Luckiest by Laura McKowen, another favorite is The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley and of course The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray.


  1. SARAH WRIGHT says:

    Great recs!!
    I’ve read all of these and I would add:
    “Nothing good can come from this”
    “Drinking, a love story”
    “Unwasted, My lush sobriety”

  2. Rachel says:

    I LOVED sober diaries. I’ve read some other quit lit that was just not relatable to me as a mom. But sober diaries was and I appreciated also how it really highlights the benefits of life after alcohol

  3. Alexis says:

    Quit like a Woman was the game changer and initially thought changer for me but I’m looking into some of these other recommendations now! Thank you!

  4. Handey says:

    Intoxicating Lies is the BEST in my opinion! SO real! SO raw! And no AA push!

  5. carla b says:

    Thanks for these recs! We are the Luckiest by Laura McKowen is my favorite. She wrote another one called Push off from Here. That one undoubtedly sprung me into action!

    • suzanne says:

      Yes! That was a good one. WATL was my favorite of her books so far. Looking forward to her next one!

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