A Mom + Daughter Miraval Getaway


July 10, 2023

My love affair with the desert continues, and this time it’s in the form of a mom and daughter Miraval getaway.

My mom turned 70 last month, so we headed to one of my favorite spots for some relaxation and adventure.

The Mister and I have been going to Miraval in Arizona every year since 2018. It’s a highlight of the year for us and truly the only vacation that really feels like an actual vacation. I was so excited to experience the magic of Miraval with my mom…

We arrived at Miraval around 1pm, so we had some lunch, relaxed and explored and then had a massage. Then, we ended the day with the Moonlight Outback Hike. They do it only once a month, so I’d never done it before. It was such a neat experience, and while we didn’t see any wildlife like we’d hoped (I mean, unless ants and grasshoppers count), I’ll never forget the feeling of being in the desert foothills underneath the giant sky.

The food. Ahhh, the food. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a meat-eater, you will find delicious food at Miraval. My meals always look like this – a lot of salad and veggies, maybe a little meat (usually none), and a treat. Always a treat.

Mom loves adventure and was all about doing a ropes course, so we did the Sky Island Traverse. I had done it before, but it was just as exciting the second time. It features 10 elements, from zip lines to ropes suspended 35-45 feet above the Sonoran Desert.

Look at her go!

Can you see us up there?

The best seat in the house. We could have spent the entire trip camped out in the spa lounge, overlooking the pool, palm trees and mountain range.

My all time favorite spa service is the Essence of Miraval facial. I find facials so much more relaxing than massages. Although, that didn’t stop us from getting massages. Obvs.

Mom enjoyed the Sacred Sounds massage, which combines aromatherapy, breath work, and vibrational sound therapy with a full-body massage.

I had the Tula massage and also the Detox and Firm treatment, which uses dry brushing, iced mitts, and a detoxifying clay wrap to stimulate circulation and remove impurities.

Reading at the pool might be one of my most favorite activities EVER.

How cute is she?

Travel look for the trip home.

I couldn’t be more grateful for my mom, and sharing one of my favorite spots in the world with her was an absolute dream. 🖤

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