Three Days at The Boca Raton

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May 4, 2023

Hi, sweet friends! The Mister and I just got back from three days at The Boca Raton in…Boca Raton. I loved the whole resort and the 50’s old Hollywood vibes. We stayed at the Yacht Club and it was gorgeous. Our room looked out onto the harbor and it was full on Below Deck right outside our window. We also spent the nights binge watching old episodes of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, which was very appropriate.

If you’re thinking of planning a trip to The Boca Raton, I highly recommend it! And no, this is not sponsored. ????

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Suzanne's husband standing on the pier

The Mister perfecting his best Captain Morgan pose….

Suzanne posing in front of a vintage car at The Boca Raton

Because if I see I pink car, I’m going to pose in front of it. Natch.

I wore this MAJORELLE dress to dinner the first night. It’s so comfortable and currently on sale! It’s giving 50’s housewives vibes and I’m here for it. (I mean, not the ’50’s housewife role, but the vibes. To be clear.)

A bike
Suzanne wearing a floral top and denim shorts

The Boca Raton pool area

While The Mister went to some meetings and golfed, I spent the ENTIRE day here. Right on this chaise. I moved only to pee and to cool off in the pool. (To clarify, no. I did not both pee AND cool off in the pool. I was a grown adult and peed in the bathroom.)

Suzanne's kindle that she brought by the pool

Suzanne wearing a high waisted bikini

These days, I’m normally a one piece girl, but this Summersalt bikini has me re-thinking that choice. Also, I’m going to order it in all colors because it’s that good. I sized up.

Suzanne's virgin spicy mojito

My go-to mocktail drink on vacation? A spicy virgin mojito. So refreshing and hits the spot.

No ethanol needed.

Suzanne in a white hotel robe at The Boca Raton

Is there any better feeling that slipping into that fluffy hotel bathrobe? (Nope.)

Suzanne and her husband dressed up for dinner

We got dressed up! This ruffle Tularosa dress is so much fun to wear. It’s almost sold out, but there are a few sizes left! Also, I’ll keep an eye out for a restock. I’m wearing XS. I’ve linked similar styles below.

The boardwalk at The Boca Raton

I just love a boardwalk.

Suzanne and her husband on a beach vacation

We spent the morning at the beach and I had the most glorious nap of the last 5 years. So good.

A cesar salad at The Boca Raton

I love a Caeser salad and this one was pretty damn amazing.

Suzanne sitting in a lounger on vacation wearing a tank and sweater

A quick selfie while the Mister was on a work call. I shared this tank from Carve Designs in my stories last week – it totally reminds me of a Theory tank I had years ago and it’s a fraction of the price. I LOVE it. I’m wearing small.

Suzanne's travel day outfit

Time to go home and kiss my babies!

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