The Sunday Sweet Edit | No. 63

Sunday Sweet Edit

May 7, 2023

Happy Sunday, sweet friends! It’s a gorgeous day in Chicago this Sunday Sweet Edit, so I’m lacing up my running shoes and taking Georgia for a run. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

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on the podcasts…

Emily Paulson is back to talk about her MLM experience and her new book, Hey, Hun. I can’t recommend this episode enough. If you’ve been in an MLM or if you’ve been approached to be in one, this is a must listen. Emily is telling the truth, and there is nothing more powerful than a sober woman who decides it’s time to tell the damn truth.

How Do You Feel? The Sober Mom Life

Society has done such an effective job of teaching us to restrict our emotions that it can feel hard to believe that emotions are a completely natural human experience. So many of us learned to reach for a drink when we started to feel an uncomfortable emotion, and we lost touch with how to feel anything at all.  Learning how to feel your emotions is often one of the biggest parts of a sobriety journey. So today, I ask my therapist mom: How do you feel emotions in an effective way?  We’ll talk about how to recognize and process emotions, the dangers of emotional numbing, understanding shame, and even how to model effective emotional awareness for our children.  Join us in the The Sober Mom Life Cafe! For just $25/month, you get access to 8 weekly peer support meetings, the exclusive Cafe social feed (like Facebook, but better!), our monthly book club, the monthly Q+A, the ability to join the retreat, and the chance to share your story on The Real Sober Moms, and merch discounts!  We also have The Sober Mom Life Community for just $5.95/month – In the Community, you’ll receive access to the exclusive Community social feed (like Facebook, but better!), the exclusive community chat, our monthly book club, and one free weekly meeting.  My mocktail recipe book, ‘No Ethanol Needed’ is finally here! Grab your copy here:  https://mykindofsweet.com/2024/01/the-no-ethanol-needed-mocktail-ebook-is-here/ Click here to follow The Sober Mom Life on Instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
  1. How Do You Feel?
  2. The Real Sober Moms with Ashlee
  3. Going All in on Sobriety with Emily Ley
  4. Flashback Friday: How I Think About My Sobriety
  5. Pregnancy Doesn’t Count
A graphic that says, "Looking for community and connection in sobriety?"

We have a small but mighty group of women over on Patreon! I share bonus podcast episodes, we have Zoom support meetings, book club and Discord chat. If you’re looking for community and connection in sobriety and AA isn’t for you, come and join us!

don’t miss…

Spring capsule wardrobe

The Spring Capsule Wardrobe is here!

So many pieces that you will wear for years to come. Don’t miss it!

A Mother's Day gift guide

There is still time to shop for Mother’s Day! Shop for yourself and give your partner the bill. ????

most loved…


one more thing…

An inspirational quote

Let’s do less today.

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