Baby Gray | One Year Update


September 14, 2020

Hi, sweet friends. I’ve been putting off this one year update. I didn’t even realize it, until I looked at the calendar and realized he’s going to be 13 months soon. It’s all going too fast and I’m just over here trying to keep up…


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A baby Gray one year update including his one year birthday party, routine, sleep schedule, diet, and breastfeeding journey.
Waiting to pick up our girl from school.


This wouldn’t be an update if I didn’t tell you that I have no idea his height and how much he weighs. I’ve also been putting off his 1 year appointment, but I’m calling today to make it.


Still going! We made it a year, which was always my goal. He’s still nursing before each nap and nighttime, along with a few random times during the day if he wants to.

At first I was bummed that he’s still nursing so much. At a year, I wanted to be winding down. I nursed the girls for 13 months, when they both weaned themselves and just weren’t interested anymore.

Now, though, I’ve accepted it. He’s my last baby, and that time is just so special. The Botox can wait. (Ha.)


He’s all about all the food. He’s been eating whatever we’re eating for months now. There’s not much he doesn’t like, but some of his favorites are: spaghetti, olives, banana, grilled cheese, avocado, Dr. Praeger’s Broccoli Cakes, peanut butter toast, black beans, french toast sticks, mini pancakes, eggs.


Our overall routine is the same as last month, but most of the time I don’t nurse him after each nap. He’s hungry, but not interested in nursing, so that session was easy to drop. Also, I think we’re close to dropping the morning nap and condensing the 2 naps to a longer early afternoon nap.

  • 630/7 AM – Wake up + nurse
  • 730 – 9 AM – Eat breakfast + play
  • 9 -1030/11 AM – Nurse + 1st nap (The length of his nap varies, but it’s starting to become more consistent and is usually around 1.5 hours.)
  • 11 AM – 1230/1 PM – Wake up, snack, play and lunch
  • 1230/1 – 3 PM – Nurse + 2nd nap
  • 3 – 6PM – Wake up, snack, play + dinner
  • 6 – 630 PM – Bath (not every night) + bedtime routine
  • 630/7 PM – In crib for bedtime


Sleep has gotten better! (But ssshhhhhh, because babies don’t like bragging.) He’s finally sleeping through the night consistently and waking up between 630 and 7am.


We have a walker! He’s walking all over the place and is SO proud of himself and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He walks with his arms outstretched in front of him like a zombie and he falls at least 2307 times a day. My girls were late walkers, so this wobbly walk is new to me.

He’s teething (although, when are babies NOT teething?) and is getting 4 more teeth. I think he already has 8 teeth. #thirdbaby


A baby Gray one year update including his one year birthday party, routine, sleep schedule, diet, and breastfeeding journey.
Not sure what to think about the cake…

I decided to go with a Wild One theme for his first birthday, because…well, duh. We didn’t have a real “party,” but we had a smash cake and presents and then a trip to the Botanic Gardens to see the trains, so it was pretty perfect.

A baby Gray one year update including his one year birthday party, routine, sleep schedule, diet, and breastfeeding journey.
Loved it.

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