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August 7, 2020

Hi, sweet friends. I had about an hour or so this morning to sneak into my local Nordstrom to check our their Anniversary Sale selection and did a quick try on!

A handful of these pieces came home with me. I’ll share my full order when I can pick up the rest on Monday.

Also, I wasn’t able to try on shoes because of COVID, which is why I’m barefoot. I’ve linked the shoes that I either ordered or I think would go best with each look.

Another also, the lighting in Nordstrom SUCKS and I want to start a petition. But, since there might me more important things going on in the world currently, I won’t. Just know that I tried my best to make the photos less harsh and also that I had to look at my cellulite and every single thigh and ass dimple during the entire try on.



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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, pajamas
Alright, these pajamas are ALWAYS a hit. I get a pair every year during the sale. This year I went with the shorts version. I’m wearing small.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, Barefoot Dreams cardigan and pajamas
I didn’t plan on buying another Barefoot Dreams cardigan, but as soon as I tried this one on I was hooked. I like it better than the other version that I have. It’s SO crazy soft and perfect for lounging in or wearing with these leggings for a day of errands. I’m wearing small.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, plaid blazer
I have a thing for blazers and I used to wear them all the time in my pre-kid life. Although I didn’t buy this one, it’s still on my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s so chic and perfect dressed down with denim and a tee, but also makes a great workwear staple.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, top and denim skirt
This pretty top was a definite hit. My closet has more ivory lace tops than I care to admit, but I still couldn’t resist this one. I’m wearing XS.

This denim skirt was another hit! It will be on repeat for the rest of summer and fall. Size down.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, cozy joggers and tee
If I’m at home, chances are I’ll be wearing this outfit…

These tees are a closet staple for any season and these cozy joggers have been a favorite of mine for years. I’m wearing XS in both.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, sweater
This sweater didn’t come home with me and I’m kind of kicking myself for not buying it. It comes in a bunch of colors and feels like it should be much more expensive than it is. It’s also perfectly oversized without being too much. I’m wearing XS.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, suede moto jacket
A moto jacket is always one of my favorite pieces ever, and this one is SO cute. I didn’t buy it because I really don’t need another one. I know my limits. (Sometimes.) I’m wearing XS.

I’m a sucker for a band tee and I would have bought this one, except I really don’t love Def Leppard. I know that’s silly, but I will only wear band tees of bands I truly know and love. That said, if you’re into some DL, the fit of this tee is amazing. It’s longer and would work well with leggings. I’m wearing small.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, faux fur jacket and denim
I love this faux fur jacket! It’s actually lighter weight than it looks and will be perfect for our Chicago fall. I’m wearing XS.

These denim were cute, but were a miss for me. The fit just didn’t do anything for my figure, which sucks because I’ve been looking for a lighter wash.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, workout tank
I need another workout tank like I need another cup of coffee. (I don’t. I’ve had 3.) This one is so cute and not at all restrictive. I’m wearing small.

Alright. Do you have a pair of these best selling leggings yet? The hype is real, you guys. I already have 3 pairs, otherwise I would have gotten another one. They’re high rise with compression, which means they’re great for my mama tummy. I wear a small.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, camo jacket
I wasn’t planning on buying this camo jacket because I have last year’s version, but this year they added A PINK HOOD. So, obvs it came home with me. It’s perfect. I’m wearing XS.

Ugh, another band tee of a band I don’t like. Boo! Where’s the Stones? Or Jethro Tull? Anyone??

This denim skirt was another hit! It will be on repeat for the rest of summer and fall. Size down.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, printed dress
WHAT IS THIS DRESS? I wanted to like it. I wanted to love it. But you guys. The slit literally goes all the way up. Maybe with biker shorts it would be cute, but what on earth is happening. Also, yes. that’s my nursing bra.
It’s a miss. Obvs.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on, faux fur coat
I forgot that I had this faux fur coat to try on, which is why I’m wearing it with my actual #ootd. Ha. I didn’t buy it, but I LOVE it. I’m wearing small.

Checkout more try on hauls here!

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