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August 31, 2020

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. Walmart has been our go-to for all things back to school – for outfits and school supplies. As always, all opinions are my own.

Gulp. It’s here. My oldest starts Kindergarten today, and I’m feeling ALL of the feelings.

She’s ready. 

She turned 6 a few weeks ago. Since her birthday is at the end of August, we had to make the decision whether or not to send her early, or to wait, so she would be one of the oldest in the class. So far, It felt like the toughest parenting decision we’d had to make. It felt monumental and like everything hinged on that one decision. We decided to wait. So she could be little for one more year. So we could hold onto her sweet childhood as long as we could. So we could have her home.

She’s ready. 

Last Thursday we went to her classroom. We met her Kindergarten teacher and dropped off her school supplies at her very own desk, complete with a little plexiglass partition. She walked that long school hallway, a giant backpack on her back, her little feet sure and steady.

She’s ready. 

She’s been working on her letters and reading. Sitting at her table at home, colored pencils scattered all around her, she spends entire afternoons writing and drawing and doodling in her very own notebook. 

This leopard dress is perfect for these early not quite yet fall school days. These little silver kicks have been on repeat and I will be ordering them in the next size up, too.

She’s ready. 

After months at home and a summer without camp, she’s ready to see her friends and fall back into the fold. 

She’s ready. 

And it’s OK if I’m not. 

I will take her little hand in mine, and we will walk to school. 

We’ll talk about who’s in her class and I’ll remind her of her teacher’s name. 

I’ll tell her how absolutely proud I am of her and that it is my life’s joy to be able to have a front row seat to watch her grow. 

She won’t quite understand. Still, she’ll nod and say: “I know, Mama.”

Then, I’ll hug her and every ounce of me will never want to let her go. 

But, I will let go. 

And I’ll watch her walk into that big building, right into her future. 


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